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Internet Fax for Enterprise Communications

Adopting internet fax is a critical component of digital transformation. By moving to the cloud, your business will benefit from a scalable infrastructure, streamlined workflows and increased productivity. Read on to learn how cloud-based fax can improve the speed and ease of enterprise communication while reducing costs.

How Does Internet Fax Work?

Due to the switch to all-IP networks, faxes are now sent as data packets over the Internet instead of phone lines. The sender and recipient no longer necessarily need a traditional fax machine to do this.

With internet fax, documents can be sent and/or received as digital documents, rather than on physical paper.

Benefits of Internet Over Traditional Fax

Why bother switching from traditional to digital fax? Because it offers businesses a number of operational and financial benefits.

Operational Benefits

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of organizations across diverse sectors and geographies. From healthcare to finance, businesses are increasing their use of data and new technology to facilitate greater productivity and to speed up decision making.1 Digital fax helps companies::

Improve Scalability

Traditional fax is difficult to scale because any significant increase in volume requires a corresponding increase in hardware and infrastructure investments. Cloud-based fax does not require additional hardware or phone lines, making it cost effective and highly scalable for growing businesses. There is also no need for additional personnel to maintain and manage fax process growth. For these reasons, internet fax scales far more easily than traditional fax.

Streamline Communications

With internet fax, staff does not have to physically be at a fax machine to send and receive faxes: these can be sent and received by internet-connected devices. Additionally, with a robust digital fax dashboard, send and receipt can be automatically confirmed. This helps to streamline processes and support remote operations and dispersed workforces.

Increase Productivity

Sending and receiving digital faxes can be faster than traditional fax, improving employee productivity. Employees can use online fax solutions from wherever they are, allowing them to integrate incoming and outgoing fax into their daily activities. Moreover, bulk documents can be sent with the press of a button, without having to physically feed pages into a machine by hand, saving even more time and effort. To not run into problems when sending large volumes, make sure to have a scalable cloud infrastructure at hand.

“As a state-of-the-art surgery center, we rely on fax to retrieve the majority of our cases, therefore, up-time and reliability are critical for our business. Since we switched to Retarus we have experienced zero downtime, reduced cost, and increased efficiencies.”

Sam Murema, IT Specialist, Malo Ambulatory Surgery Center

Financial Benefits

Integrated data and communications are necessary for businesses as they look to address affordability, outcome, and quality challenges. Implementing an internet fax solution can reduce cost per fax by up to 70% in some cases. This is achieved in several ways: with savings on hardware, infrastructure, and operating costs.

Hardware Costs

Internet faxes do not require physical fax machines or fax servers, eliminating the capital expenditures associated with purchasing and maintaining traditional fax systems. Allowing enterprises to scale for growth effortlessly without additional investment in hardware.

Infrastructure Costs

Traditional fax requires at least one dedicated phone line – or several in high-volume fax businesses like healthcare, finance and insurance. The infrastructure costs associated with building and connecting a network of fax machines and fax servers can become a drain on resources, stifling business agility and growth.

Operating Costs

Online fax solutions allow companies to avoid operational expenses associated with traditional fax, including recurring costs of accessories like toner and paper, recurring costs for maintenance and repair, and replacement of equipment as needed. Lowering these costs allows resources to be redirected toward high-value outcomes.

Internet Fax with Retarus

Retarus offers cloud fax services as a reliable alternative to traditional fax. Businesses with a considerable volume of fax documents either sent and/or received can improve the security and reliability of fax communications, while reducing long-term costs by up to 70%. With Retarus, organizations can integrate internet fax with tools that are already in use – such as email and enterprise applications like ERP or CRM – to further streamline processes.

As a global communications leader, Retarus can support custom service-level agreements (SLAs) for companies based on their specific needs. Check out some of the ways that our clients have used cloud-based fax to improve their operations.

Internet Fax Resources

Cloud Fax Services for Healthcare

Retarus Cloud Fax Services for healthcare improve reliability and security for end-to-end HIPAA compliance. Digitize and scale business communications with compliant, accurate, and efficient workflows. Improve customer experience by avoiding process interruptions.

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Enterprise Fax APIs

Find the right interface for your development environment with the Retarus Fax APIs for everything required to successfully use fax services: a powerful infrastructure, international availability, and numerous customization options to fit your business..

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Technical Specifications

Retarus Internet Fax Services provide secure and seamless faxing directly from your business application or at your workstation – always flexible and tailored to your needs. No need for costly investments to install a specific infrastructure.

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Relevant Use Cases

One quarter of the 100 largest companies in the world already use the Retarus Enterprise Cloud. For optimized process digitization, increased agility, simplified IT, improved customer experience, minimized costs and maximized security. What do you want to achieve with Retarus?

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