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Tag: cloudification

  • 21/03/2023 – Digital fax has evolved to adapt to business’ digital transformation needs. Even in 2023, the fax continues to add value by offering automated options and making it easier to digitize previously analog workflows, thus increasing operational efficiency. More specifically, companies can now use cloud-based fax services and modern fax APIs, which allow them to take full advantage of this secure and legally binding communication channel. With this in mind, Retarus - one of the main international providers of Enterprise Cloud solutions for Messaging, E-mail Security, and Business Integration - has identified three reasons why the fax will continue to be an essential tool for many organizations in the coming year.
  • 03/01/2023 – From the war in Ukraine to supply chain crisis and deglobalization, economic systems are currently under considerable strain. Meanwhile, rising inflation and the prevailing shortage of qualified staff exacerbates the situation. To ensure their businesses can continue running undisrupted in the face of these challenges, companies need to rethink their communication processes accordingly. Munich-based enterprise cloud services provider Retarus has identified five trends which companies should bear in mind for their business communication in 2023.