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Cloudification of On-Premises Fax Servers A US-Based Global Bank Relies on Retarus

One of the biggest banks on Wall Street – and in the world – managing over $ 3 trillion in assets and generating more than $ 120 billion in annual revenue, utilizes Retarus Cloud Fax Services throughout 12,000 of their commercial banking locations to send and receive over 2 million pages a month.

Initial Situation

Cloudification of Critical Fax Capabilities

Since 2012, this bank initially worked with Retarus to digitize their transactional faxing from applications. The previous vendor could not fulfill their disaster recovery requirements. Based on Retarus’ stringent data center and business continuity standards, and after passing an extensive audit, the bank migrated application traffic from their previous vendor to Retarus, totaling an average of 1.7 million pages per month. Having successfully managed this traffic for more than a decade and having launched multiple complex fax integrations projects within the organization since then, the bank has now decided to further digitize its fax processes across their commercial banking network – approximately 12,000 branch locations with 47,000 employees processing a variety of time sensitive and business critical documents such as trade confirmations, banking statements, loan applications, branch level account activity, and others.

Replacement of On-Premises Fax Servers Reduces Complexity and Costs

The bank found it essential to move away from on-premises fax servers managed by their previous vendor. Beyond the high cost to maintain the servers, issues with reliability, deliverability, and downtime factored heavily in their decision to move their faxing to a truly enterprise-level cloud solution that could ensure full scalability and high availability. The bank therefore needed to migrate multiple legacy systems and interfaces besides MFD usage at each of the 12,000 branches which included the porting of nearly 5,000 fax numbers. Additionally, the financial institute had multiple integrations across departments including SMTP, SFTP, and SOAP/REST. Because of the sensitive data being handled, the solution also had to be fully compliant with both regulations specific to the banking industry and company policies.

“As part of the long-standing partnership, Retarus has supported this global leading banking corporation to move its critical fax capabilities to the cloud and thus optimize service quality. For business-critical financial transactions, having a reliable and compliant solution at the enterprise-level is essential. Retarus’ highly-scalable Cloud Fax solution fully covers business continuity requirements and boosts efficiency.”

Kai Pang, Senior Product Marketing Manager, retarus GmbH

Primary Challenges

Global Initiative That Required Precise Implementation

Retarus has extensive experience in the banking industry. Specific requirements must be fulfilled in order to meet industry and company-specific compliance regulations. To ensure the solution could meet all of the bank’s needs, Retarus opened their data center and company processes to an extensive audit that validated everything from IT security, business continuity, disaster recovery, pandemic preparedness, regulatory compliances, and industry certifications. Being a global initiative and having to cloudify 12,000 individual locations, it was essential that the migration was smooth and seamless. The commercial bank remained fully operational throughout the entire project. Additionally, the bank opted to keep their existing fax numbers. As a result, 5,000 numbers had to be ported to Retarus.

Improving the Customer Experience While Reducing Costs

The Retarus solution connected branch representatives to the cloud via their desktop fax solution and replaced costly on-premises fax servers by moving the bank’s fax infrastructure to the cloud. This enabled the organization – and subsequent commercial bank branches – to automate many mission-critical workflows. Adding barcode recognition for inbound fax and intelligent document splitting increases security, speed, and accuracy. Compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley and Gramm-Leach-Bliley legislations, security standards like PCI-DSS, SOC 1/SOC 2, and other international regulations, Retarus offers a proven faxing solution that not only meets the banks defined needs but has strong auditing and transaction transparency capabilities. Lastly, cloudification of their fax servers significantly reduced costs. The bank removed all expenditures associated with maintenance, hardware, and software. Retarus’ pay-per-use model ensures that each branch only pays for what they actually use.

Key Benefits

  • Cloudification of on-premises fax servers
  • Quality service management
  • Proven long-term partnership
  • Reliable and compliant service
  • Reduced costs

Proven Quality, Long-Term Partnership

Retarus supports the global, market-leading banking corporation in the cloudification of their on-premises fax servers and the digitization of their application and desktop faxing. The move to Retarus Cloud Fax Services increased service quality through 24/7/365 white glove support. Improving the speed, reliability, and overall quality of more than 2 million fax pages every month throughout 12,000 branches globally ensures that the bank can always meet corporate and customer needs. As a trusted long-term partner, the bank can safely rely on Retarus.

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