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How to fax from Epic Centralize EHR Communications: Epic Integration for Retarus Fax

Automate, send, and track your fax communications directly in your Epic environment. Increase security and reliability with the Retarus Faxolution for Epic integration.

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Secure and Scalable EHR Fax Communications with Epic Integration

With a certified Epic integration for Retarus Cloud Fax, users of Electronic Health Records (EHR) can send faxes directly from the user interface of their Epic EHR system without needing any additional software or hardware. This allows the streamlined secure transmission of protected health information (PHI) which boosts employee productivity and substantially improves regulatory compliance.

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Built for Highly Sensitive Environments

Retarus is HIPAA and HITECH compliant as well as SOC 1, SOC 2, and PCI-DSS certified. Retarus Faxolution for Epic transmits securely via HTTPS transfer, with any Data at Rest completely secure via encryption.

Enterprise-Level Scalability and Flexibility

Regardless of whether users send 1,000 faxes today or one million tomorrow—the Retarus Messaging Platform provides the exact bandwidth users need at any time.

First-Class Service and Support

The Retarus Service and Support Team takes care of implementation and will have Retarus Faxolution for Epic operational within 48 hours. Future service updates are also covered.

“Retarus is transformational for the workflow. They offer a simple, elegant solution that works. Our manual workflows had constrained our ability to scale our business and grow. They understand our business patterns and needs and help us to utilize our capacity in an efficient way. We would be out of business if it wasn’t for Retarus’ solution.”

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How to Fax from Epic with Retarus

Retarus Cloud Fax seamlessly integrates into Epic via the pre-built, Epic-certified connector. Without ever leaving their environment, users can send faxes via Retarus’ cloud infrastructure. All data is transmitted securely and fully encrypted.

Integrating Retarus Cloud Fax into Epic ensures the highest availability and deliverability worldwide, by best-in-class routing through multi carrier aggregation. The delivery can be verified by the Epic Status Update API – where the fax status is automatically and seamlessly transmitted.

Retarus Cloud Fax for Epic includes a variety of functionalities which further enables document handling automation. For example, Epic metadata can be applied directly to your cover sheets and personalized barcodes.

How to fax from Epic with Retarus Faxolution

Common Use Cases for Cloud Fax in Epic


Connect Legacy Pharmacy Systems

Pharmacy A needs to transfer a prescription to pharmacy B. Pharmacy A is using Epic as their EHR, but pharmacy B has only legacy software and a fax machine. Pharmacy A can use their Retarus Cloud Fax, integrated into Epic, to transmit the document via Retarus to pharmacy B.


Make Electronic Recordkeeping Easy and Efficient

Medical practices keep track of patient records in electronic form, helping them to be more organized and save paper. Epic will automatically store faxes attached to patient records, so that there is no confusion about what was sent and to whom.


Transmit Laboratory Orders with Streamlined Digital Workflows

A hospital needs to send a blood work order to a laboratory. The doctor inputs all the relevant information into a form, which generates an electronic lab order. The hospital staff now have the option to send the order to the lab via fax, directly from Epic. All records are saved automatically and sent securely under HIPAA compliance.


Send Only Relevant Pages of Entire Records

Instead of faxing entire patient records – which could be thousands of pages long – to specialized physicians when referring patients, doctors can fax just the relevant pages or information. Within Epic, they can select specific data, such as information about the patient’s latest visit, simply generate a fax, and immediately send it directly to where it needs to go.


Fax ROI Requests Directly from Epic

Release of Information (ROI) is a process found in most hospitals. Various organizations can request patient information or history from a hospital. Epic has an automated process to generate these ROI requests, and then fax them via the Epic software integration.


Generate and Send UM Evaluation Forms

Utilization management (UM) is a process that evaluates the efficiency, appropriateness, and medical necessity of the treatments, services, and procedures provided to patients. Epic has automated processes to generate these evaluation forms, which can be faxed via the Cloud Fax Integration.


Automatic fax status delivery via Epic fax job status update API

Included support for EPS fax resolution setting

Easily support Epic cover sheet selection

Personalized bar codes for simplified and automated processing

High availability and business continuity across multiple redundant data centers

Streamline and simplify costs with a monthly itemized bill

Improve delivery rates with Never-Busy Technology and active multi-carrier management

Eliminate bottlenecks during batch processing and periodic peak volumes

Made in USA

PCI DSS compliant
HIPAA certificate
AICPA certificate
AICPA certificate


Cloud Fax for Healthcare

Retarus Cloud Fax for healthcare improves reliability and security for end-to-end HIPAA compliance. Digitize and scale business communications with compliant, accurate, and efficient workflows. Improve customer experience by avoiding process interruptions.

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Enterprise Fax APIs

Find the right interface for your development environment with the Retarus Fax APIs. And best of all, they offer everything required to successfully use Cloud Fax: a powerful infrastructure, international availability, and numerous customization options to fit your business.

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Technical Specifications

Retarus Cloud Fax provides secure and seamless faxing directly from your business application, at your workstation, or from your mobile device—always flexible and tailored to your needs. No need for costly investments to install a specific infrastructure.

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Use Cases for Cloud Fax

One quarter of the 100 largest companies in the world already benefit from the Retarus Enterprise Cloud. For optimized process digitization, increased agility, simplified IT, improved customer experience, minimized costs and maximized security. What do you want to achieve with Retarus?

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