Create HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Workflows with an Epic EHR Fax Integration

Create HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Workflows with an Epic EHR Fax Integration

More than 75% of US hospitals and 90% of physicians have moved away from paper records and files, instead relying on EHR systems like Epic. Because it is still an integral part of their workflows, they now send and receive faxes digitally through API integrations.

The HITECH Act has encouraged more and more healthcare organizations to move from paper to electronic management systems. This way, sensitive fax information is received digitally, ensuring patient data always stays secure.

Many healthcare providers use Epic to ensure compliance across their organizations. Sensitive and private patient records and data is transmitted via an Epic fax integration, remaining HIPAA compliant.

Epic EHR fax integration: simplify workflows, ensure compliance

Prescriptions can be created and then sent directly to where they need to go, without having to print sensitive data or increase employee workload. This limits the potential for breaches by keeping all documents digital, inside the EHR system. Fax API allows the simple sending of critical and sensitive patient data directly from within the EHR.

Patient data can be easily transmitted via fax – securely, effectively, digitally – between physicians, pharmacies, laboratories, insurance companies, etc. from within the Epic system through integrated APIs.

Health records can be hundreds or even thousands of pages long. In the past, the entire package of documents used to be sent. Records being digitized and stored in the cloud allows for them to be easily separated and transmitted. Now, only the necessary pages can be sent. This simplifies the workflow and eliminates a lot of the potential for errors and compromises in compliance and security. Records can still be transmitted via fax through fax APIs, integrated directly in the Epic EHR system.

Retarus: the cloud messaging and Epic integration partner

Retarus is your partner in modernizing and cloudifying your fax processes seamlessly with Epic through a rich feature set, integration options, and flexible infrastructure and capabilities. Migrating to Cloud fax services, sending and receiving digital patient records, integrating fax into an EHR system makes workflows smoother, allowing healthcare organizations to focus on delivering exceptional patient care. Learn more about Retarus’ HIPAA compliant fax service which enables the interoperability your organization needs today, to meet the expectations of tomorrow.

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