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Retarus Cloud Services: Communication Solutions for the “Internet of Things”

The Challenge

Digitalization is finding its way into more and more factories and private households. Under the guise of keywords like “Industry 4.0” or “Internet of Things” (IoT) people are increasingly counting on “intelligent” machines and devices. To ensure that electronic communication is fit for this digital age, new and dependable messaging processes are required. Only in this way can the information gathered by smart components and sensors be shared, for instance with users, service partners, manufacturers or suppliers. The challenges range from sending automated notifications to processing highly complex delivery and work schedules.

The Background

To enable binding communication with widely differing end devices as well as with users and external partners, companies crucially need a reliable communication platform. This must be integrated into existing IoT systems as seamlessly as possible and attached to their own infrastructures without causing interference or disruption. Standardized interfaces and APIs are vital to this process.

The Solution

Retarus Cloud Services provide companies with a flexible communication layer for their IoT offerings – without compromising on the delivery quality or having any impact on existing business applications. The Retarus Enterprise Cloud ensures and secures communication around the globe.

Customer Benefits

  • Digitalization of all communication processes
  • No impact on existing systems
  • Avoids media disruption
  • Trouble-free connection with business partners
  • Flexible choice of communication channels

Benefits at a Glance

Operated from Retarus’ data centers in accordance with internationally and locally applicable data protection regulations.
Highly available with bandwidth scalable to meet requirements at all times
Transparent reports
Comprehensive archiving options
Extensive consulting and support, on request with a personal Service Manager

Use Case

By connecting to Retarus companies are no longer reliant on the availability of their internal infrastructure, nor constrained by limited capacities, even when faced with a huge volume of notifications from IoT or smart-home applications.

With Retarus the optimum communication channel is always utilized, depending on the scenario at hand. For instance, Retarus Enterprise SMS Services are used to link machines, vehicles and devices reliably with the IoT environment directly via the mobile network. Mobile machines or vehicles send messages regarding their current operating status and service requirements to central maintenance systems or the company’s own platforms. Thanks to the information gathered in this way, maintenance needs can already be anticipated before a breakdown or malfunction occurs.

More Info
In the course of digitalization customers, suppliers and industrial companies increasingly transmit their data, such as orders, by means of electronic channels. Businesses are dependent on the interchange of structured data and the high degree of automation it provides. For this exchange of data, Retarus’ Business Integration Services offer excellent solutions for seamless and smooth integration into existing systems. In this regard, the data is always converted into the matching, structured target format before being delivered. So there are no longer any obstacles to integrating it into the IoT environment. In addition, Retarus Time-of-Click Protection also facilitates the prevention of phishing attacks and the resulting loss of sensitive data. The technology also checks all links contained in emails for target addresses which are suspected of phishing. If new intelligence gathered in the meanwhile shows that the target destination may be dangerous, the link is blocked and the user is instead shown a security warning.
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Did You Know?

According to analysts, 230 million SIM cards have already been deployed around the globe within the scope of Industry 4.0 or IoT, not counting those used in typical mobile phones. And the trend is upwards.

Other Scenarios

Intelligent Capture

Digitizing order forms

With the help of Retarus Cloud Services, manual ordering processes can now also be automated to a large extent. Even hand-filled forms don’t present any difficulty – no matter whether they have come in by fax or as scanned email attachment.

Automate order processes

Cloud Fax

Long-term archiving

Legal and sector-specific requirements compel companies to archive their correspondence over many years. Retarus Cloud Fax Services facilitate the long-term archiving of all incoming original documents as PDF/A format.

Retarus Cloud Fax Services

Email Security

Secure encryption

With Retarus E-Mail Encryption you can encrypt sensitive data securely in line with the applicable data protection provisions and ensure their confidentiality. Your business partners who don’t have their own encryption infrastructure can simply download these messages by means of the browserbased Retarus Secure Webmailer.

Protect your sensitive data

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