Analysts advise cloud-based email security

Analysts advise cloud-based email security

The market research and consulting firm Forrester Research recommends that companies obtain their email security from the cloud. The current cause is irreparable security problems with the ESG appliances (Email Security Gateway) of a well-known vendor.

In the Forrester blog,  “2023 Called, And It Doesn’t Want Its Email Security Appliances Back” from August 24, 2023, analysts Joseph Blankenship, Jeff Pollard, and Jess Burn point out that even the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is now advising affected users to immediately take the affected appliances offline. The manufacturer itself had previously issued the same advice of necessity after its patch efforts proved futile and state-sponsored hackers were still actively attacking the vulnerability.

Email security on dedicated hardware has been around for more than two decades. The Forrester blog notes that it was also a perfectly sensible approach in the days when most of the email infrastructure was still hosted on-premises and companies managed their Exchange environments themselves. However, cloud-based filtering of emails before they reach the corporate network has long been the preferred approach – also because the email infrastructure has also shifted to the cloud via, e.g., Hosted Exchange or Microsoft 365.

According to the Forrester blog, there are a number of compelling benefits to providing email security from the cloud: faster updates, management by the provider, simpler architecture, scalability and no hardware on the customer side. We believe these are all aspects with which Retarus’ cloud-based Email Security can also score points. On top of that, this is also implemented much faster than new appliances, for example.

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