Retarus – the perfect addition to Microsoft 365 and other cloud email services

Retarus – the perfect addition to Microsoft 365 and other cloud email services

At many companies, management has already announced its decision to implement a “cloud first” strategy. As a result, we have seen a significant proportion of our customers already take that great leap forward. For enterprise email, in most cases, this entails a move to Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365).

While smaller businesses find their needs adequately covered by Microsoft’s services, such is not necessarily the case in the face of more complex or hybrid infrastructures. In many customer projects, the Retarus Secure Email Platform and its comprehensive range of modular services are the perfect way to meet these additional requirements by supplementing Microsoft’s solution.

Using a Secure Email Gateway approach, Retarus is truly a step ahead of most API-based Microsoft add-ons. With powerful options for controlling and managing the services, Retarus makes it possible for companies to get actively involved in the email communication channel and effectively cover diverse requirements like enterprise email security at the highest level.

Thanks to a comprehensive web-based administration portal, transparency does not fall by the wayside: not for our customers. Not for our partners.

Here we have compiled a few recent examples to illustrate the reasons our customers are deploying our Secure Email Platform within their Microsoft 365 environments:

A uniform level of security for all mailboxes

The issue of licensing is a complex and sometimes thoroughly expensive one. Especially if the aim is to provide hybrid infrastructures and extensive corporate constellations with uniform protection. Retarus, however, ensures both high and homogenous levels of data protection across all email accounts. Even in situations where various locations, subsidiaries, or departments are using different or “lower” Microsoft licenses (E1/E3).

This is crucial because there is one thing we can say for certain: The vast majority of cyberattacks still start with an email. That’s why all employees not only need, but deserve the very highest levels of protection for this essential communication channel. The sooner, the better. The keyword here is “perimeter security”.

Conceal your cloud service, raise your level of protection

With the additional layer of protection that Retarus Email Security provides, you “conceal” the (cloud) email service you are using from the outside world. This adds an extra layer of difficulty for cyber criminals, particularly those specialized in attacking the Microsoft universe through tailored methods.

The Secure Email Gateway approach allows Retarus to provide email accounts with comprehensive protection far beyond pure antivirus or antispam filtering. Retarus enhances cybersecurity with numerous advanced threat protection technologies, which are continuously optimized by our in-house developers. This advanced protection includes continuous analysis of potentially harmful phishing links (“Time-of-Click Protection”),  protection from Business Email Compromise (“CxO Fraud Detection”) and our internationally patented solution for zero-day attacks and post-delivery protection (“Patient Zero Detection“), just to name a few. Integration into existing SIEM tools is of course also included.

No dependencies: Implementing a multi-vendor strategy

Because of its highly sensitive nature, a growing number of our customers are opting for a multi-vendor strategy. And also Retarus itself, in addition to developing its own technologies, consistently pursues a best-of-breed approach. For instance, the globally leading solution from Palo Alto Networks has been harnessed to handle sandboxing duties. Retarus also trusts state-of-the-art filter technologies and databases from top providers. This means our cybersecurity customers can rest assured that under the hood the most up-to-date sources available are accessed to draw on their threat data and benefit from highest detection rates.   

Provider-independent email continuity: Communications backup for crisis situations

When it comes to Email Continuity, it’s also absolutely essential not to be dependent on a single provider. Opting for a solution which is totally independent of Microsoft 365 or any other mainstream email providers has proven to be highly sensible – especially in cases of widespread, provider-encompassing outages or security incidents. To make the transition to the backup service as seamless as possible, emergency email accounts are already pre-provisioned and standing by, accessible to all employees immediately from any location and without any technical hurdles. 

Enterprise email encryption made easy

When it comes to implementing easy-to-use, highly secure encryption of business-critical messages, Retarus also plays a key role in complementing Microsoft 365. Our Email Encryption service supports a wide variety of encryption options and standards. Provided as a managed service, Retarus aims to make encryption widely available and easily accessible to all communication partners.

Compliant archiving: Legally stored email communication

With the Retarus Email Archive , companies safely store their business communication audit-proof and in accordance with all applicable compliance requirements. Thanks to a connector, the service also functions smoothly in conjunction with Microsoft 365. There are no storage capacity limits, the search function is lightning fast, and the access rights are highly granular (e.g. four-eyes principle).

“And how can we still send emails from our business applications?” 

Once the decision has been made to switch over to Microsoft 365, many of our customers are faced with the question of how to handle the email transmission from their applications – now that the company’s own mail servers have permanently been consigned to the past. 

Due to its own volume constraints, Microsoft itself has always advised companies to use specialized third-party providers. Retarus Transactional Email ensures that companies have a high-performance service available for them to send huge volumes of messages (i.e. up to 10 million emails/hour assured by SLA) once they’ve made the move to the cloud. Certifications and measures for ensuring a high sender reputation and inbox placement rates are part and parcel of the service. Thanks to its inclusion in the comprehensive Secure Email Platform, options such as encryption and email security are available on request.

Routing and workflow automation for complex IT architectures

In the context of infrastructure and routing, Retarus is again able to play to the strengths of its gateway approach. Our Predelivery Logic technology gives all our customers more “power” over their inbound email channel –  and exactly where there is the greatest opportunity for influencing workflows. This is directly at the first point of contact with the Retarus Secure Email Platform. In other words, even before delivery/forwarding to Microsoft 365.

Retarus provides all services on the basis of a transparent monthly invoice, calculated according to the number of email mailboxes. All without any advance payments.

All services may also be booked via one of our authorized partners.

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