Leuze relies on Retarus services

Leuze relies on Retarus services

Sensor manufacturer Leuze relies on Retarus’ Cloud EDI Integration for the exchange of electronic business documents. In addition, Retarus has been awarded a contract for E-Invoicing. Currently, Leuze is furthermore considering an intelligent document processing project to automatically digitize all incoming orders.

Leuze electronic Deutschland GmbH + Co. KG is an international sensor expert in automation technology. The product portfolio of these “Sensor People” — as they call themselves — includes switching and measuring sensors, identification systems, as well as solutions for data transmission and image processing.

In its search for a new EDI provider, Leuze opted for Retarus. Leuze chose Retarus because of its industry experience, the flexibility and speed of the solution, the convincing price-performance ratio, and the harmonious overall concept. Retarus has been offering EDI solutions for over 25 years. The service specialists responsible for the solution are located in Munich, Erfurt, Milan, and Timisoara.

After a six-month selection process, Leuze launched its EDI implementation project in October 2022. The go-live took place in Q1 2023, with Retarus 100% within budget and on time. By the end of 2023, all major car manufacturers had been connected and 400 EDI connections were integrated into the system. More specifically, with more than 50 customers and 130 committed customer numbers, over 10 million euros in sales were now successfully processed using EDI.

Leuze currently operates in 22 countries worldwide. In many of them, electronic invoicing is already mandatory or will soon be. Based on the positive experiences during the EDI implementation project, Leuze also opted for Retarus’ E-Invoicing solution in October 2023.

Once the migration of all existing EDI connections to Retarus has been completed, the solution will also be rolled out at other national subsidiaries and in the purchasing department over the next few years. In addition, Leuze is planning to introduce Retarus Intelligent Document Processing in six countries in the short term in order to speed up its incoming orders process and minimize input errors.

For further details, please refer to our latest customer story.

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