“A first in the market” — CEO Martin Hager on innovation and 30 years of Retarus

“A first in the market” — CEO Martin Hager on innovation and 30 years of Retarus

In an interview with German magazine IT-DIRECTOR, Retarus CEO Martin Hager laid out the amazing progress and growth Retarus has undergone in our 30 years on the market — and set the tone for the next 30 years, especially in the US! From floppy disks and a tiny garret office to international power player with 20 offices worldwide, this is Retarus, as Martin tells it.

Retarus is and always has been a customer-focused business. Without venture capital or investor backing, the Retarus business model is centered on our satisfied, long-term customers. As Martin says, “Our customers remain loyal. For instance, the very first customer we ever had is still with us today.” Beyond the strong, person-to-person connections that are the basis for Retarus’ partnerships and customer relations, besides even the innovative messaging solutions Retarus offers, we offer customizable SLAs and transparent pricing to keep our products not only cutting edge but competitive as well. And there are plenty more reasons our customers stay with us…

It’s that combination, unique on the market, of security, compliance, ease of use, respect for the customer, and, of course, our high level of service and support, all of which makes Retarus a market leader. That the technology behind our solutions is groundbreaking in the field is the icing on the cake.

These factors explain the tremendous growth Retarus has undergone since entering the US market — and why so many American and multinational businesses entrust their messaging to Retarus: “We are part of the globalization process and are situated close to the decision-making hubs of our customers with our sales, tech, and operations. This is one of the most crucial criteria for achieving success on the global market. We are one of the few Europe-based SaaS companies successful in the US market. We provide our customers with service and support in the local language for all our branch offices. That really sets us apart from our competitors.”

The guiding philosophy behind Retarus’ quick growth in the US is simple. Listen to local customers, meet their needs, offer a great product. “US companies are quicker to give an innovative underdog a chance, provided the service and product claims meet their requirements.” A major part of our success and continued focus on the American market is due to the dynamic business climate in the US. With less red tape and fewer hoops to jump through than in European markets, Retarus is freer to innovate and create intelligent solutions tailor-made to individual customers’ needs. In short, we’re here to stay. And we’ll keep making great products to make sure you do what you do best, even better.

To learn more about how Retarus is a leader in innovation and leader in regulation in the US, click here.


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