Boost resilience with digitalization, automation, and cloudification

Boost resilience with digitalization, automation, and cloudification

Munich-based enterprise cloud services provider Retarus has identified five trends which companies should bear in mind for their business communication in 2023.

  1. Cyber resilience as an integral part of business strategy: In times of uncertainty, companies should anticipate ever more deceptive attacks on their communication infrastructures. Because cyberattacks have a direct impact on the success of the business, cyber resilience needs to become a board level concern. Business continuity approaches must include strategies for dealing with worst-case scenarios. This includes being equipped with comprehensive mechanisms for advanced threat protection.
  2. Sustainable cloudification of business models: Cloud computing has meanwhile become firmly established within IT departments. At the same time, companies now find themselves having to respond to the significant associated cost pressures. Those responsible for budgets are compelled to plan as cost-efficiently and sustainably as possible. In this regard, cloud services also provide a viable solution. They are flexible and scalable, meaning that the services can be customized to meet current requirements exactly, all while avoiding over / under capacities.
  3. Intensified automation within the supply chain: In 2023, it will be essential for companies to set up their supply chains to be more resilient and automated. In this way, they can counteract any skill gaps and increase their productivity. Expert staff can get back to focusing on innovation and providing the company with a decisive competitive advantage.
  4. Optimizing the customer journey: A positive customer experience is a crucial prerequisite for the success of a business. Only reliable, secure business communication tailored to the company’s needs can enable it to offer the critical touchpoints with customers that boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. Companies who fail to invest in their customer communication stand to lose out to their competitors.
  5. Ever more complex data protection regulations: According to Gartner, 75 percent of the world’s population by 2024 will most likely have their personal data safeguarded by data protection regulations. Legal provisions are playing an increasingly critical role since regulatory requirements are constantly evolving and becoming more complex around the globe. Companies face the threat of high fines should they violate data privacy rules. When it comes to selecting an external service provider, it is essential to ensure that they are fully compliant with the current data protection regulations.

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