Product recalls: Efficient communication processes required

Product recalls: Efficient communication processes required

Complex legal provisions require companies to notify their business partners and customers especially quickly to stop sales immediately in the case of a product recall. Otherwise the company can expect to face upset customers, costly compensation and claims for legal recourse, or in the worst case they could even cause bodily harm.

Many companies fulfill their obligation to inform customers and partners by addressing their contacts through several different channels in parallel. The problem is that addressing customers and partners by means of a variety of different media demands a huge amount of administrative effort to manually maintain the distribution lists. At the same time it is very difficult to prove that the recipient has indeed received the message.

For dependable communication in a crisis situation, manufacturers therefore need a flexible solution, with which they can reach their recipients in the fastest way possible and which allows them to track delivery and receipt of the message with great precision.

To find out more about Retarus WebExpress used for product recalls, check out our latest use case.

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