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Stop the aging: US carriers moving forward for POTS decommissioning

Why do enterprises around the world rely on Retarus Cloud Fax? For the transition towards next-generation networks and innovative IP-based solutions, Retarus Cloud Fax offers a giant leap for business communications, enabling them to accelerate workflow automation and enhance productivity.

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Your Favorite Team (and Maybe Your Company) Need to Look at How They Handle Messaging

Episode 2: the transfer window is still open and the football club who received the ransom request is considering paying the cyber criminals in order to keep the player transfer both secure and viable (not to mention to keep the information private, away from other teams).

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Football and Email Security: How Do They Relate to You and Your Company?

Episode 1: the football transfer window is in its final weeks; last minute decisions are being made and naturally, anxiety is peaking. As it can be expected, sometimes people get sloppy and make mistakes. A small lapse in document handling and security can mean a big opportunity for hackers, cyber criminals, and those with malicious intent. All it takes is one email breach for chaos to ensue.

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Supply Chains in the Global Crisis: Increasing Transparency Through Cloudification

Cloud solutions have grown even more important during the global pandemic as companies increasingly move applications and parts of their IT infrastructure to the cloud, with supply chain management in particular benefiting from this trend.

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