Radicati Honors Retarus with “Trail Blazer” Status

Radicati Honors Retarus with “Trail Blazer” Status

In the latest Radicati “Secure Email Gateway – Market Quadrant 2018“ report, Retarus is listed as a “Trail Blazer”, with the potential to become a “Top Player”.

Radicati defines Trail Blazers as “vendors which offer advanced, best of breed technology in some areas of their solutions”. Trail Blazers do however, according to Radicati, have the potential to disrupt their respective markets with new technologies or delivery models. Over time such trail-blazing companies are most likely to evolve into Top Players.

Overall, Radicati anticipates the market for Secure Email Gateways, estimated by experts to have generated a volume of 2.3 billion dollars in 2018, to grow significantly to more than 3.9 billion dollars by 2022.

Among the strengths highlighted most brightly by Radicati in their analysis of Retarus, were the efficient provision of cloud-based services, the highly comprehensive ATP solution which has been available for some time now (including sandboxing, deferred delivery scan, time-of-click protection and CXO fraud protection), the recently patented post-delivery security component Patient Zero Detection®, the self-service EAS portal which features real-time search and forensics, as well as – last, but not least – flexible access management and end-to-end encryption.

Radicati’s “Secure Email Gateway – Market Quadrant 2018” report, which in addition to Retarus also examines 15 other players in the email security market, is available in its entirety for free download from our website upon registration.

The Radicati Group, founded in 1993 (just a year later than Retarus) is a technology market research firm which is mainly specialized in the email market. And even if the company may not be as well known as Gartner or Forrester – it provides sound, up-to-date figures and prognoses, particularly on email in the business environment, unmatched by any other market researcher.

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