Market and competitor analysis by the Radicati Group Secure Email Gateway – Market Quadrant 2018

What do key providers of email security gateways offer? What is their strategy? What are their strengths and weaknesses? The Radicati Group’s market quadrant for secure email gateways provides answers.

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Protection through the use of secure email gateway solutions is more important than ever. Email is and will be the primary target of digital attacks, often with disastrous effects on an IT infrastructure, communication, and the value chain. In other words, on the success of the business.

In the report, “Secure Email Gateway – Market Quadrant”, the Radicati Group analyzes the market and highlights the most important providers, their strategic approach, their products and services, and their strengths and weaknesses. It’s a valuable decision-making tool for those responsible for company email, and for security and compliance officers.

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The market for secure email gateways continues to demonstrate strong growth, since email is the primary attack vector for malware and the spread of it.

Source: Radicati Group, Inc. “Secure Email Gateway – Market Quadrant 2018”

High ranking for Retarus in Radicati’s “Market Quadrant”

In its most recent market analysis for secure email gateway solutions, the research and consulting firm Radicati names Retarus as a trailblazer, pioneer, forerunner and trendsetter. A trailblazer is known for innovation and the ability to bring lasting change to the industry.

Special mention goes to Retarus’ comprehensive Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), innovative Postdelivery Protection, end-to-end encryption and the functionality of the administration portal. Ideal for companies who need a particularly high level of security and who must comply with strict regulations. Regardless of whether you have your own email infrastructure or use cloud solutions such as Microsoft Office 365.

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The Radicati Group is a market research firm founded in 1993. With its headquarters in Palo Alto, the company provides quantitative and qualitative market research in the IT/telecommunications market with a focus on email, security, instant messaging, social networking, archiving, compliance, wireless technologies, web technologies, and unified communications.