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From paper to ERP systems: Digitize order forms and automate processing

Particularly in the ordering process, there is inevitably some unwanted media and integration disruption. Many retailers simply do not have the technical capability and financial means to transmit data in a structured way. As a result, they use template-based paper order forms or unstructured electronic forms. Entering such orders manually in an ERP system is always time-consuming for employees. Retarus EDI Cloud Services can facilitate the automation of manual order processes to a significant extent.

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Migration to All IP: …but what about fax over IP (FoIP)?

Audio and video telephony, instant messaging and online meetings: As part of their digitalization strategy, a lot of companies are currently switching their telecommunications infrastructure over to All IP, benefiting from the brand new opportunities that innovative unified messaging services offer. If only there wasn’t the problem with fax communications…

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Finance: What are the top 3 challenges IT decision makers must overcome in 2016?

The year draws to a close. Not only the increasing regulatory demands at national, European and international level have been presenting challenges on banks and financial institutions in the past year; customer expectations and their communication methods have also fundamentally changed. But which are the challenges that CIOs and IT managers have to expect in the coming year?

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Digitalization: Opportunity or risk for banks and insurers?

In view of strict regulatory requirements, low-interest politics and intense cost pressure many finance institutes are neglecting a crucial challenge – the ever accelerating progress of digitalization. However, in order to fulfill the individual needs of their customers and to stay competitive over the long term, banks should start to develop appropriate digital strategies as quickly as possible.

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