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DZ Privatbank digitalizes investment fund orders with Retarus

The Luxembourg-based DZ Privatbank S.A., the largest foreign subsidiary in the DZ Bank Group, has introduced the use of Retarus Managed Capture Services to enable the automated capturing of investment fund orders with immediate effect. As a result, the bank now profits from faster, more transparent workflows and a reduction in process costs and error rates. Previously, employees at the bank were...

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Industry News

We provide the communication layer for your “Industry 4.0”

To mark the opening of this year’s Hannover Messe Industrie (Hanover Industry Trade Fair) the digital sector association Bitkom has presented the outcomes of a new study on the topic of “Industry 4.0”. According to the header of the attendant press release, 24 percent of the machines and facilities at German companies are already “smart”. On closer inspection, however,...

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Cloud Industry Product News

From paper to ERP systems: Digitize order forms and automate processing

Particularly in the ordering process, there is inevitably some unwanted media and integration disruption. Many retailers simply do not have the technical capability and financial means to transmit data in a structured way. As a result, they use template-based paper order forms or unstructured electronic forms. Entering such orders manually in an ERP system is always time-consuming for employees. Retarus EDI Cloud Services can facilitate the automation of manual order processes to a significant extent.

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Business Trends Cloud

Migration to All IP: …but what about fax over IP (FoIP)?

Audio and video telephony, instant messaging and online meetings: As part of their digitalization strategy, a lot of companies are currently switching their telecommunications infrastructure over to All IP, benefiting from the brand new opportunities that innovative unified messaging services offer. If only there wasn’t the problem with fax communications…

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