Retarus U.S.A. spreads cheer with its All Wrapped Up 2019

Retarus U.S.A. spreads cheer with its All Wrapped Up 2019

‘Twas the day of All Wrapped Up 2019,
not a Retarian was at their desk, sitting behind their screen;
Excitement was astir in the kitchen- something was happening,
the US office had hundreds of gifts and presents that needed wrapping!
What is this occasion you ask?
It’s the 5th year of this holiday task!
At this time of the season it’s important to think how
we may make a difference in the lives of someone less fortunate, now!

Bergen Volunteers is an organization that works with families, seniors, and children,
thinking of them receiving all the gifts really makes you grin.
As ribbon was curling, wrapping paper being cut, and bows used for trim
Christmas music, laughter, and treats had the entire office full of vim.

We have made it a goal to achieve each year;
to surpass the prior number of people we sponsored (and filled with cheer)
It’s no surprise that after everyone this year made their picks,
our total number of sponsored children, seniors, and families was 76!
Retarus’ heart is massive and pristine,
they always match a number of sponsors – this year 18!
321 people’s live have been changed thanks to our charitable giving,
Its small acts of kindness and give back more than you take that make life worth living.

There is hardly any room around the Christmas Tree by the office door,
so many gifts thanks to the outpouring of love nearly cover the entire floor!
Before any more snow blankets the ground,
faithful Retarians delivered all the presents December 12th , safe and sound.
As we move from 2019 to 2020
All Wrapped Up shows us there is something more important than money.
Being surrounded by the ones you love, making sure we pay happiness forward today
is what truly makes this a wonderful holiday!

This sets the tone for our successful future ahead
by loading generosity, love, and gifts into Santa’s sled
Who knows what joy we will bring throughout the year
but we can be sure we made our difference this holiday by spreading immense cheer.
Its events like this which become much more than a perk,
thank you to everyone for making Retarus a great place to work.

Just think: when you are bundled up on the holiday Eve,
the trees full of snow, no more KPIs to achieve,
as you sip cocoa and open presents in your happy place,
you brought joy to someone less fortunate’s heart and a smile to their face.
Our souls have been nourished, we are effecting change one person at a time,
Remember: an angel gets wings with every bell chime
With that I say may your holiday be bright,
To all be safe, Happy Holidays from Retarus, have a great night!

By James Pepe


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