7th Annual All Wrapped Up Event Gives Joy (and Gifts) to the Community

7th Annual All Wrapped Up Event Gives Joy (and Gifts) to the Community

Most of us cannot go a holiday season without at least thinking about the story of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. For those who may need a refresher on the tale of the furry grump:

The Grinch is a lonely curmudgeon who lives in a cave on the outskirts of Whoville and loathes Christmas. Well, to be more accurate, loathes joy.

So, The Grinch attempts to sabotage Christmas. He steals presents, determined to make the people of the town feel as badly as he feels. But no matter what he does, the people are not deterred from making the most of the holiday season. The people understand that creating happiness with those around them and sharing joy is what is most important.

The Grinch, seeing the true meaning of the holiday season, transforms his bitterness into love, his joylessness into cheer, his selfishness into charity.

Unlike The Grinch, Retarus as an organization and the people that work there have always understood that the holiday season is really about giving. It is about creating happiness. It is about making the world better than it used to be. Despite the pandemic and a potentially less-than-ideal holiday, Retarus is committed to charitable giving and positively impacting the community.

This year, the 7th annual All Wrapped Up event – where employees sponsor children, seniors, and entire families with gifts – encapsulated exactly that. This holiday tradition is organized through The Bergen County Volunteer Center whose mission is to turn caring into meaningful action to meet community needs.

Retarus sponsored a total of 80 people! 63 were sponsored by employees with the company matching 17! That brings the grand total to nearly 500 people over the last seven years (read about the last All Wrapped Up event from 2020 here). Thank you to all the employees who took the time to truly make a meaningful impact this holiday season and to Retarus for prioritizing this annual tradition (not to mention their generous charitable donations as well).

As we “wrap up” 2021, let this annual event serve as a precursor – an inspiration – to how we experience this holiday season. Let’s learn from the dénouement of The Grinch and have our hearts grow three sizes bigger. What may seem like a simple act of giving can make all the difference in the world.

Retarus wishes you a safe and joyous holiday with an inspired 2022 on the horizon!

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