Connect SAP cloud apps with Retarus services via low-code

Connect SAP cloud apps with Retarus services via low-code

With its Business Technology Platform (BTP), SAP offers a comprehensive cloud management environment for apps in the S/4HANA suite, CX Suite or business applications such as SuccessFactors, FieldGlass, Concur or Ariba.

SAP is also continuously expanding its low-code/no-code approach, which makes it considerably easier to build new applications and connect with third party providers and partners. This allows the employees in a company’s various business departments who don’t have in-depth knowledge of programming to use the SAP Integration Suite to automate internal workflows, or even design entire enterprise apps and then make them available as APIs.

One groundbreaking aspect of the low-code integration is the use of API specifications in the standardized OpenAPI format (formerly known as “Swagger”).

SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) can load these OpenAPI definitions directly and make them available as a running API service instance in the SAP tenant. These OpenAPI definitions can then be used via API by a wide range of applications for the email, fax, or SMS messaging processes. 

Enterprises can place the SAP connectors built in this way in their own Open Connector catalogues, making them available for other departments and divisions, and allowing them to be reused with other SAP applications and integrated into Flow instances for business processes. As regards reporting, we also offer high-performance query APIs based on GraphQL for event and message tracking.

Retarus makes OpenAPI specifications available for its Messaging Platform via the company’s developer portal. Interested customers can obtain technical guidelines and tutorials for integrating Retarus’ services into a highly diverse range of platforms and ecosystems from our Technical Consulting team and soon also at 

Low-code integration via the BTP is, of course, just one of many options for integrating SAP systems with the Retarus Enterprise Cloud. For instance, conventional BC-SMTP* or RFC connections are also available for the messaging platform’s products.

As far as sending and receiving emails from the SAP BTP and SAP cloud/on-prem applications is concerned, the company’s transactional email service is an excellent option and can be integrated either into SMTP or REST/OAS API as required.

Find out more about email, SMS, EDI and fax using SAP with Retarus from our website or directly from your local Retarus representative. 

*Our Retarus Faxolution 7® can be found in the SAP Solution Directory at 

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