Efficient, express EDI implementation

Efficient, express EDI implementation

With its express implementation option, Retarus has been raising the bar for the quick, efficient introduction of electronic data interchange (EDI) for many years now. Our service guarantees kickoff within two working days and enables smooth implementation within the shortest possible time.

Express Implementation: The key features

  1. Rapid implementation due to in-house operations: The entire value chain, from development right through to support, is run inhouse. This allows short paths of communication and enables solutions to be found efficiently, without having to waste precious time waiting for responses from third-party providers.
  2. Flexibility due to our expert teams: Three EDI implementation teams, one comprising eight experts in Germany and two teams in Romania, are on hand to ensure flexible availability of resources. This means that depending on the project’s requirements, up to three specialists are available at any time to get started with the express implementation of the service.
  3. Effective rolling-wave planning approach: For large projects, implementation takes place in structured waves, starting with a proof of concept phase for key partners. This serves as the starting point for rolling-wave planning, in which small, prioritized sections are migrated in phases. Depending on the specific requirements, the migration of the various packages may take place serially or in parallel. To provide a detailed explanation of how the implementation is conducted, we have outlined the procedure in a brief highlight video (in German).
  4. Customer-friendly support: Potential customers don’t need to be EDI experts. Retarus offers comprehensive care and support along the whole customer journey, from providing an introduction to the topic all the way through to coordinating the process on behalf of the customer.

How can a customer best prepare for implementation?

Successful integration of electronic business document processes crucially relies on the well-prepared interplay between the customer and the solution provider. Quickly setting up an express implementation hinges on accurate communication of the project details.

Key factors in ensuring an optimal project handover

  1. Gapless documentation: In the initial communication, the customer already provides the full documentation needed for the project. At Retarus, there is no such thing as “too much information” when it comes to implementing your projects. Highly comprehensive documentation allows for in-depth analysis and exhaustive preparation. Our experts will filter out unnecessary information to place the focus on essential input.
  2. Clearly designated contact person: The customer assigns an easily reachable contact person to handle the communication from its side. This contact will be responsible for keeping the EDI partners informed, involved and up to date. The clear communication structure ensures that Retarus is able to react rapidly and efficiently, without losing any valuable time.
  3. Existing guidelines: All the customer’s existing guidelines are also communicated during the initial phase. They play an essential role in aligning the express implementation precisely with the specific requirements of the customer. At Retarus, these policies serve as guidelines for the development and customization of the EDI connection.
  4. Paper mapping as code vision: Ideally, the customer will already have mapped out their processes on paper. In this way, the code required for the EDI integration is outlined on paper. This visual representation acts as a basic vision for the code, facilitating even more precise realization of the customer’s needs.

Retarus and EDI – a success story

With Retarus’ express implementation, companies can now enjoy the benefits offered by EDI integration quickly and efficiently, without having to sacrifice quality or individuality. Our success stories speak for themselves – from the integration of 400 EDI connections in the first year to the seamless replacement of an existing service provider within a mere two weeks.

With Retarus as their partner, companies can rest assured that their EDI integration will not only be fast, but also meet the very highest levels of service while maintaining a clear focus on their specific requirements.

If you’re interested and would like to find out more, please feel free to get in touch with your local Retarus representative.


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