Here comes our Anti-Phishing Guide

Here comes our Anti-Phishing Guide

The current situation has turned our daily lives upside down. Many companies have had to make changes to their typical workflows or switch to a flexible home office setup on short notice – the perfect conditions for online fraud.

Retarus Threat Intelligence has observed a massive increase in targeted cyber-attacks with the emergence of the Coronavirus crisis. With state-of-the-art services like Retarus Email Security you are well protected against cyber-attacks. To better protect your company from targeted attacks during the current Covid-19 crisis, you should make your employees more aware of fraudulent emails.

The Retarus Anti-Phishing Guide is here to help. You can download the free guide (PDF) from our website now and send it to your employees.

PS: For our readers and customers in France, Italy and Spain we’re offering localized versions of our Anti-Phishing Guide in French, Italian and Spanish, too.


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