Milan’s Università Cattolica has opted for Retarus Email Security ATP

Milan’s Università Cattolica has opted for Retarus Email Security ATP

The Università Cattolica has chosen to collaborate with Retarus to mitigate cyber-related threats and risks. By adopting Retarus’ Email Security Advanced Threat Protection, the university quite literally improved the security of their email infrastructure overnight.

Between 2020 and 2021, arrests regarding online fraud and cyber crime carried out by Italy’s postal and telecommunications police increased by 98% (source: Polizia Postale). The academic world must be acutely aware of the risks it faces as it processes a considerable amount of external data.

Università Cattolica needed to mitigate the possible effects of being constantly bombarded with phishing scams. Since the university processes such a high quantity of personal information – primarily students’ data – it needed to equip itself with multiple overlapping filters and a specific technology. After carefully comparing the implementable security features, the university settled on the Retarus security platform.

The cloud-based Retarus Secure Email Platform effectively protects communications from all types of cyber attacks. As a result, cyber-related risks are significantly reduced, with threats including phishing and malware being completely blocked. The Università Cattolica decided to adopt the Retarus E Mail Security Advanced Threat Protection, a highly scalable variant that can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

User-reported issues have also decreased accordingly: by using their “digest” report with a clear overview of filtered messages, end users can easily manage their inboxes without putting the email infrastructure at risk. The Università Cattolica has stated that they have seen excellent results since the platform was integrated into its IT landscape.

For further details please see our latest press release.

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