Now even better protection from CEO fraud

Now even better protection from CEO fraud

One of the most dangerous social engineering attacks is posing as a high-ranking employee of the company and then initiate administrative tasks such as wire transfers – the so called CEO fraud.

The new Targeted Members List ensures that cyber-scammers aiming to sneak away with money, data or other valuables by posing as the CEO now have even less chance of succeeding.

It works like this: You allow us to place employees whose identity is of particular interest for attackers on the Targeted Members List. As soon as an email comes in from a Targeted Member, the CxO Fraud Detection service offered by Retarus Email Security checks the displayed name for authenticity. Depending on the outcome, the email is then placed either in the recipient’s inbox or in quarantine.

CxO Fraud Detection forms part of Retarus Email Security’s ATP package (Advanced Threat Protection). The service subjects emails to an algorithmic examination which detects from-spoofing and domain-spoofing, amongst other things. This enables messages from fake sender addresses to be detected and filtered out reliably. For more details please take a look at our website or contact your local Retarus representative directly.


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