Personally via all channels: trends in customer communication

Companies wishing to inform customers or employees in an up-to-date manner nowadays rely on more than one means of communication: the keywords in this regard are multi- or omnichannel. According to marketing experts, “multichannel and situational customer information” is currently amongst the most important trends in eCommerce.

SMS notifications raise attention

In order to not only reach recipients reliably, but also to gain their attention, a personalized form of address is essential. In this regard, the personalization functions of web-based messaging platforms now go way beyond simply adapting the salutation. For instance, banks use individualized notifications as a completely new form of managing accounts receivable. Instead of sending expensive payment reminders by traditional post, customers are first contacted with an attention-grabbing SMS sent directly to the mobile phone of the account holder. The finance institutes benefit not only from considerably reduced costs, but also from significantly faster reaction times of their customers. The messages are personalized not only by directly addressing the customer by name, but also by including the relevant outstanding amount and due date of payment in each SMS.

Employee communication: The more individual, the better

When it comes to internal email communication with members of staff, human resources departments are also increasingly making use of personalization functions. To this end, messaging platforms can do far more than simply addressing employees by name. Especially for important internal messages it can be extremely helpful, for example, to automatically customize the message with regard to the respective supervisor, department or location of the branch office. The more precisely such a message is tailored to the individual employee and his / her workspace, the more attention it will get. The options are nearly unlimited: in Retarus WebExpress, for instance, absolutely all information collected in the distribution lists can be used to customize the message.

Barcodes simplify the allocation of faxes

For fax documents, personalization has a particular relevance. In contrast to email or SMS the recipient of fax messages cannot simply click on “answer” to automatically respond to the sender. This often makes the allocation of returned fax documents unnecessarily difficult. However, especially when it comes to transmitting order forms fax is still a popular medium in many sectors. Therefore, Retarus WebExpress allows you to include recipient-specific bar codes when creating a fax campaign. By applying optical text recognition (OCR), thanks to this bar code all returned order forms are automatically allocated to the corresponding customers, meaning that no manual processing is required. It goes without saying that not only orders, but also order confirmations or business letters can be perfectly incorporated into existing workflows in this way. Moreover, the OCR function proves highly useful when it comes to meeting compliance requirements: incoming faxes can be indexed and, if stored in a digital archive, subsequently retrieved by means of a full text search.

Using the right transmission tool companies can always reach their recipients personally via their preferred communication channel – no matter whether it is email, SMS or fax. You can find out more about the multichannel messaging platform Retarus WebExpress by clicking here or directly from your local Retarus expert.

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