Retarus E-Mail Security enhanced by new capabilities

Retarus E-Mail Security enhanced by new capabilities

In early 2018 Retarus E-Mail Security will be reinforced with a whole raft of new mechanisms focused on the area of Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).

These include Deferred Delivery Scan, Sandboxing, Time-of-Click Protection as well as CxO Fraud Detection. Let’s lift the hood to take a closer look at some of these new capabilities:

Deferred Delivery Scan (DDS) is essentially a tool for enhanced analysis of your incoming attachments, which is achieved by way of an additional, delayed re-scanning of selected attachments. The delay means that following a wave of brand new malware, the scanning engines may have signatures available by the time of the second scan that were still in development at the time the initial scan took place.

With Sandboxing, selected attachments considered to potentially be particularly malicious are executed in a virtual machine and examined for irregular behavior. For this Advanced Threat screening, Retarus deploys the sandboxing expertise of specialist third-party providers.

For Time-of-Click Protection, Retarus E-Mail Security first automatically rewrites all hyperlinks contained in incoming emails (URL Rewriting). When the recipient clicks on such a link, it is first checked to determine whether it may be harmful. If the destination website proves to be “clean”, the user is redirected to it immediately. Otherwise, the user will receive a security alert.

CxO Fraud Detection gets to grips with emails pretending to come from authority figures by means of advanced analysis of the email header and specialized algorithms, stopping so-called from-spoofing and domain-spoofing in their tracks. This prevents scammers from masquerading as high-ranking managers and convincing employees, for instance, to transfer large sums of money to them.

More details about packages and pricing will follow in due course.

In addition to the ATP innovations, the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) function in Retarus E-Mail Security is also being expanded significantly. Apart from Sender Recipient Control and Attachment Blocker Outbound for outgoing emails, the service will also recognize text patterns to prevent specified sensitive information, for instance credit card details or social security numbers, from being sent out of the company network.

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