Retarusfest at Channel Partners 2021: Retarus brings the Wiesn to Vegas!

Retarusfest at Channel Partners 2021: Retarus brings the Wiesn to Vegas!


If you were in Las Vegas this past week, you may have noticed quite a bit of lederhosen, dirndls, pretzels, beer, and all the traditions of the annual Bavarian Oktoberfest festival which normally takes place in Munich.

Having been born in Munich in 1992, Retarus prides itself in its German engineering (and fun celebrations). We figured, why not bring one of the best Bavarian holidays to one of our favorite events in Las Vegas: Channel Partners.

And we did just that. Besides beer, singing, dancing, and pretzels (which we are glad you all loved!), Retarus hosted Retarusfest 2021 at Channel Partners in Las Vegas to not only create a joyous celebration, but to promote their suite of premier cloud services.

Designed in Germany, hosted exclusively in the USA, and compliant with all industry-specific requirements such as HIPAA, Retarus is your one-stop-shop for high performance, business-critical communication. Be it fax, transactional email, or SMS.

What is better than Retarus’ world-class enterprise messaging, with their intuitive analytics-driven EAS portal to manage all services from one place? Their partner program! Learn how becoming a partner with Retarus goes together better than a cold beer and a pretzel!

Be it healthcare, finance, manufacturing, Fortune 500 companies rely on Retarus to ensure all their messaging gets delivered – securely, efficiently, and fully compliantly – always.

Are you ready to become a Retarus partner?



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