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Communications Platform Your communications need more than just the best.

Successful business depends on agile and secure communication processes for their digitized and automated workflows. The Retarus Communications Platform opens new dimensions for fast and reliable exchange of business-relevant messages between people, machines, and applications as well as with customers, colleagues, and suppliers. Ready to switch to Retarus?

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Business processes are sustained by communication.

Communication is not only the key to greater efficiency. It is essential. If communication does not work properly, business processes falter. And in the worst case, they are completely dysfunctional.

The Retarus Communications Platform helps you secure, modernize, consolidate, and cloudify existing communication infrastructures. With no need for servers, gateways, and hubs, but all the benefits of an enterprise cloud solution that is 100% GDPR compliant. Simple and seamless integration into any IT environment and application. Be it the cloud or legacy systems, business applications or digital workplaces. It fulfills control and industry standards including SOC 1, SOC 2, HIPAA, and PCI DSS as well as closes the gaps when implementing compliance requirements.

The Retarus Communications Platform allows you to communicate securely and reliably via email, fax, and SMS. When combined with OCR and Intelligent Capture, it unlocks an entire world of process digitization and automation.

In terms of communications, Retarus provides today the flexibility that business will need tomorrow.

The Retarus Communications Platform is the right solution for you to…

lower your overall communication costs.
increase the agility and flexibility of your IT.
comply with standards such as SOC 1 and SOC 2.
remove stumbling blocks from the customer experience.
cloudify your communications infrastructure.
add scalable reserve capacity.
use content recognition for processes and workflows.
employ a communications infrastructure that is always available.
integrate fax and SMS with Microsoft 365 or SAP.
send transactional emails from ERP/CRM systems.
close the gaps in reporting and compliance.
ensure the reliable delivery of critical information.
digitize and automate manual processes.
ISAE 3402 Vertified Type II
CSA Certified Senders Alliance

Made in Europe

The first platform for email, fax, and SMS that fulfills even the greatest demands.

Want to consolidate and modernize your IT? Ensure that your employees and systems can communicate quickly and reliably via email, fax, and SMS? Increase productivity and efficiency through automation? Reduce overall costs? Then the Retarus Communications Platform offers you everything you need:

Maximum performance and security.

The Retarus Communications Platform is based on an intelligent cloud infrastructure with data centers distributed all over the world. Connected via dedicated lines, international Tier 1 carriers, and local providers. Equipped with carrier-grade equipment and a future-proof, multi-tenant architecture that allows us to further develop and update software components on our platforms without downtimes or maintenance windows. The result: maximum availability, performance, and security. And we’ll confirm all of this – including exclusive bandwidth – in writing through individually negotiated SLAs.

Everything at a glance thanks to transparent monitoring and reporting.

Want to know the current status of a specific message? When was it sent? How about when your recipient received it? Sure. As part of Retarus’ Communications Platform, our web-based myEAS Portal provides you 24/7 access to a multitude of monitoring and analysis functions. From real-time monitoring of individual messages to long-term reporting for departments or subsidiaries. You have full control over your communications at all times. Company-wide.

Reliable delivery is essential.

What applies to customers when they shop online applies just the same to employees when they log in via 2-factor authentication or to a lab report that needs to be sent straight to the operating room: The entire process is significantly disrupted if an expected message arrives too late or not at all. That is why we at Retarus make sure that your messages arrive quickly and reliability at their destination. Thanks to our innovative bounce, traffic, and reputation management, intelligent routing, CSA certification, NeverBusy Technology, active carrier management, and global hyper-aggregation, just to name a few features.

Significantly reduced overall costs.

Whether it’s digital workplaces or business applications, the Retarus Communications Platform ensures smooth business processes through seamless communication across companies around the globe. The Retarus Communications Platform means substantial savings across the board. You’ll benefit from consolidated telecom infrastructures and providers, usage-dependent billing, and reduced manual work through increased process and workflow automation.

Perfect for your digitization strategy.

Along with automating processes and integrating applications and systems, Retarus specializes in IT cloudification and data center consolidation, as well as modernizing and safeguarding communications infrastructures. All your requirements fulfilled in one place. The Retarus Communications Platform helps you implement digitization projects. It provides communicative flexibility to your cloud, hybrid, or on-premises solutions. It increases reliability to your VoIP/All-IP environments, enhancing fax capabilities on MFD and throughout digital workplaces.

Smooth integration across all applications and ecosystems.

The email, fax, and SMS services of Retarus’ Communications Platform can be quickly and easily integrated into any application or system via standard interfaces and APIs. Be it Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, SAP, or any legacy application. What if the situation is a little more complex or customizations are needed? No problem at all. The Retarus Enterprise Integration Team can handle not only standard, but customer-specific requirements as well.

Maximum protection of your data. 100% GDPR compliant.

Our international subsidiaries and globally distributed data centers help you implement locally applicable privacy requirements by processing your data in the legal area that applies to you. We are a family-owned company with headquarters in Germany. When it comes to data processing in Europe, we guarantee 100% GDPR compliancy. All data is processed exclusively in our own data centers without the use of any hyperscalers. Furthermore, Retarus supports numerous national and international control and industry standards and requirements, such as SOC 1, SOC 2, HIPAA, HITRUST and PCI DSS.

Digital downstream processing thanks to automated pre-processing.

The optionally available Process Automation Modules of Retarus’ Communications Platform instantly prepare your incoming documents for further digitized processing in downstream workflows and systems. We use intelligent routing that can be based on sender, recipient, or even content using barcode or text recognition. We receive, digitize, select, classify, and deliver according to rules you define. Communications can be seamlessly routed to people, team inboxes, systems, or applications. More so, data can be further integrated such as into any EDI processes. To this end as well as for customer master data recognition, unstructured data in incoming fax documents can be automatically converted into structured data using Intelligent Capture.

The Retarus Communications Platform:
Enterprise Messaging at the Highest Level.

One platform, four services, many advantages.

The Retarus Communications Platform consists of four central, cloud-based service components used globally by banks, insurance companies, retailers, automakers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and the healthcare industry. We ensure maximum security and efficient business communication via email, fax, and SMS.

Fax digitally without a fax server

Faxing is an integral part of many business processes. Retarus’ Cloud Fax Services help you to easily digitize analog business processes and to sustainably optimize workflows. Retarus’ fax services are essential to your All IP migration and support you in consolidating and simplifying your infrastructure. We reduce your investment- and process-related costs by up to 70% compared to self-operated fax servers and fax infrastructures.

SMS API for all applications

Texting offers unique benefits when it comes to communicating with customers, partners, or employees. No channel is faster or more direct. No channel has a higher read and acceptance rate. Perfectly suitable for shipping updates, pick-up notifications, mTANs, alerts, or two-factor authentication. Send and receive anywhere in the world – from all systems and applications into all networks. And vice versa. With Retarus’ SMS API, you reach 99% of all mobile networks. That means just about everyone in the world.

Email for all applications

Transactional emails have to be delivered reliably and must reach the recipient’s inbox immediately. Rely on Retarus Transactional Email to send newsletters, booking confirmations, shipping updates, two-factor authentication, or password resets. Send all types of transactional email from any business application. Particularly when working with Microsoft 365 in the cloud.

Online tool for email, fax, and SMS

Be it customer communications, employee information, alerts, or crisis communication – send personalized content reliably, even to large distribution lists with Retarus’ One-to-Many Communication Service. Send via email, fax, or SMS both easily and directly right from within your web browser.

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