The market for email security continues to grow

The market for email security continues to grow

As cyberattacks become ever more common and complex, companies need to invest growing amounts of money to protect their email systems.

This is the conclusion reached in a recent study conducted by market researchers at Frost & Sullivan. The experts determined that the market for Email Security grew by 11.5 percent in 2017 to reach 2.24 billion US dollars and then continued to thrive in 2018, increasing 15.9 percent to 2.59 billion US dollars. The forecast market volume for 2022 is an estimated 3.58 billion dollars, representing average annual growth of 9.9 percent.

Email is now the channel of choice for both malware and malware-less attacks, according to Frost & Sullivan. Attackers are increasingly employing social engineering techniques to deceive recipients and impersonate senders. The rising number of user devices in various forms of ownership, working lifestyles that depend on constant online presence and the use of cloud-based email accounts are pushing email security to unprecedented levels of complexity.

“To tap the opportunities in this market, vendors need to innovate cloud-based solutions as well as augment Office 365 and other cloud email services like Google G Suite”, says Tony Massimini, Senior Industry Analyst for Digital Transformation at Frost & Sullivan. He advises providers to build up data centers around the globe, to ensure compliance with data protection regulations. With customers increasingly seeking integrated solutions and a “single pane of glass” (one central overview), the once crowded and highly fragmented Email Security market is now seeing more exploration of partnership and consolidation options.

Retarus fits perfectly into the picture painted by Frost & Sullivan, with its E-Mail Enterprise Extensions for Office 365, a Global Delivery Network including data centers on three continents and powerful technology partnerships, for instance with Palo Alto Networks in the field of sandboxing. You can find out more about Retarus Email Security on our website or directly from your local Retarus representative.


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