Why Retarus has become a CSA-certified sender

Why Retarus has become a CSA-certified sender

Since the start of this year Retarus has been a member of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) – to ensure that our customers’ transactional and marketing emails arrive even more dependably.

Apart from an infrastructure which performs at the highest levels and is scalable, any company planning to send large volumes of emails crucially also needs an excellent sender reputation. This is precisely where the certification of Retarus by CSA plays its part. The Certified Senders Alliance is a project set up by eco – Association of the Internet Industry in cooperation with the German Dialog Marketing Association (Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband) in 2004. CSA sees itself as a neutral interface between mailbox providers and those sending commercial emails.

CSA-certified senders commit themselves to complying with strict legal and technical quality standards when sending commercial emails. In return they are added to a centralized positive list. Major ISPs then refrain from server-side filtering. This improves the deliverability of emails, reduces spam filtering, volume filtering and throttling, as well as increasing and optimizing the inbox placement rate. Email service providers considering CSA’s whitelisting include 1und1, AOL, GMX, Microsoft (with Office 365 and Outlook.com), Web.de, Yahoo! and Yandex. To view Retarus’ CSA certificate just take a look here.

Retarus E-Mail for Applications, a component of our email management platform, facilitates the transmission of large volumes of email straight out of business applications such as ERP or CRM systems without impacting on the internal email infrastructure. The business applications can be connected by means of numerous standard interfaces in accordance with the customer’s specific requirements. In addition to these comprehensive API functions, the web-based EAS portal (Enterprise Administration Services) displays tracking and status information for all outgoing messages at all times. These details can be analyzed in order to cleanse and optimize the master data in a timely manner.

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