Brave new world of cyber-quarantine

Brave new world of cyber-quarantine

Since the start of the week we have been giving Retarus Email Security’s existing customers the exclusive opportunity to participate in beta testing of our brand new quarantine and configuration service for end users.

In a concerted effort, our back and front end developers have really pulled out all the stops to create a lightning fast interface and user experience. It also uses responsive web design to optimize mobile display. New features include color highlighting according to threat level, expanded search options (e.g. for specific attachments or reason for quarantining) as well as a new detailed view providing additional information about the selected email.

Even prior to this redesign, Retarus’ options for our quarantine and configuration already went far beyond what end users have come to expect from our email security competitors. From the list overview of the messages initially held back from delivery as a precautionary measure, the user is able to release each email from quarantine and generally allow messages from that particular sender (white list). The service, moreover, offers general administration of white and black lists, while also providing options for setting the design, frequency and scheduling of the quarantine digests – separately for weekdays and weekends.

Users additionally have the option of releasing messages straight from the digest email if it is immediately apparent that they have been quarantined erroneously. And at the touch of a button, the user can generate a quarantine overview of either the past two or 30 days.

Take a moment to compare that with the options your current email security provider is offering, in case it’s not yet Retarus. And then consider carefully whether the added convenience your end users would experience – and the unburdening of your admin and support staff that results – is not already reason enough to take a closer look at Retarus’ Secure Email Platform.

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