Even the German Stock Exchange now trusts in the cloud

Even the German Stock Exchange now trusts in the cloud

When a highly regulated provider of financial services such as Deutsche Börse Group (German Stock Exchange Group) opts for Microsoft’s cloud offering Office 365 in the course of their digital transformation, the decision speaks volumes.

It testifies to just how thoroughly cloud computing has become accepted as a benchmark delivery model  in many sectors where even a few years ago it would have been unimaginable. The provider was able to successfully dispel any concerns that Deutsche Börse Group had with regard to access to data and change management for automated processes, Chief Security Officer at Deutsche Börse Frank Fischer*, is quoted as saying in a blog entry. In many other ways, Microsoft was also able to meet Deutsche Börse’s requirements within the framework of their Financial Services Compliance Program.

Although I would have put my money on Deutsche Börse using the more expensive special version of Office 365, which ensures data storage in Germany and uses T-Systems as its data custodian, it turns out that this is not the case. In any case, it is safe to assume that Microsoft’s new, high-profile reference customer is sure to clear the path to more Office 365 deals in the finance sector.

Frankfurt Stock Exchange, trade floor terminals in front of DAX board. Credits: Deutsche Börse

In order to fulfill company-specific security, compliance and functionality requirements, analysts recommend augmenting Office 365 with services from third-party providers. Retarus’ corresponding services, for instance, raise the levels of security for email via Exchange (Online) and enable the transmission of fax. At the same time, you benefit from all the advantages that generally characterize Retarus Cloud Services: services provided from German data centers in accordance with the most stringent compliance and security requirements, user-friendly interfaces for users and administrators, uncomplicated on-boarding as well as easily calculable costs.

*While I was reading the blogpost, I first thought that Microsoft Deutschland’s former demo-ace  was now CSO at Deutsche Börse Group, which would have explained quite a lot. However, this is another Frank Fischer, who was previously Leader Security at IBM Deutschland.

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