Fax machine security risk discovered

Fax machine security risk discovered

We’ve always had a long list of great arguments for Retarus Cloud Fax Services – now a new discovery adds a decisive benefit.

Experts at Steinfurt-based Open Source Training have in fact found a truly major security gap in fax machines – to be more precise, in Epson’s multifunction printers. These machines use a modified version of Linux as their operating system. Now it has been discovered that it is possible to slip in manipulated system software as an update, because the system does not require a signature for firmware images. Hackers can subsequently dial in over the fax line, after which they have a fantastic gateway into the company network, assuming that the MFP is connected.


The security researchers have played out this scenario in practice by exploiting the Epson “WF-2540”. According to an article in “The Register”, the researchers in Steinfurt suspect that most models in the “WorkForce” and “Stylus” ranges are likely to be vulnerable in this way. And as these machines have been on the market since 1999, a huge number of MFPs may be affected. Epson planned to release a corrected version of the software for the WF-2540 in January of this year. Whether other, older models have already been repaired is unfortunately not shown in the corresponding Bugtraq Mailing List entry.

It goes without saying that with Retarus Fax Cloud Services nothing of this sort can happen and you are always on the safe side. You can find out more about Retarus’ Cloud Fax Services here or directly from your local Retarus contact person.

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