Secure bank communication: DZ BANK Group banks on Retarus

With the explosion of data communications, banks will need to ensure that information is transmitted free of error and with a high level of security. Enterprise Messaging Services offer comprehensive authentication technologies and support financial institutions in securing their communication:

Hauptsitz der DZ BANK in Frankfurt/Main © DZ BANK

DZ BANK headquarters in Frankfurt
© Photo: DZ BANK

Cloud fax solutions are used in the trading of securities, for instance, where it is essential that there is legal proof that the documents have been delivered. Also emergency plans for ordering processes are managed by means of a connection to cloud fax infrastructures.

Retarus Managed SMS Services ensure the secure and speedy authentication of bank staff in IT systems. The passwords (tokens) are delivered via SMS to the users directly, within a few seconds.

Moreover, banks are using the web-based, multichannel messaging platform Retarus WebExpress to notify a huge amount of recipients about important developments in the context of investor or public relations in a timely and secure manner by means of email, fax and SMS.

DZ BANK AG for example, Germany’s fourth largest bank, uses Retarus’ services across the whole company for a wide and diverse range of tasks and scenarios. In addition to the robust, error-free transmission of sensitive data, the compliance with regulatory guidelines was a critical factor in DZ BANK deciding in favor of Retarus. To find out more, read our latest press release.

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