Messaging and Cloud Computing Are Totally Trending

Messaging and Cloud Computing Are Totally Trending

The Japanese smartphone messenger Line wants to go public on the U.S. stock exchange, even though its company valuation was considerably higher when it first attempted two years ago. Apple is significantly enhancing its Messages app for the upcoming iOS 10, copying many features from other market players. Microsoft is shelling out a good 22 billion dollars in cash to purchase LinkedIn, aiming at stimulating both Microsoft’s Office 365 and the professional network as well as Redmond’s cloud platform, Azure.

Apple and Retarus have quite a bit in common

Larger emojis, stickers, and bubble effects in the iOS 10 message app are appealing mostly to end customers. But the sheer amount of emphasis Apple placed on this news in the keynote at its WWDC16 Developers Conference in San Francisco underscores the overall importance of messaging—also a key topic for Retarus. This wasn’t the only commonality, by the way: Apple CEO Tim Cook and his Vice President of Engineering, Craig “Hair Force One” Federighi, emphasized emphatically the importance of data protection and encryption.

Nowadays, services are delivered via Cloud

Apple wants to take some of the burden off of its Mac customers’ hard drives and SSDs by offering so-called optimized storage with the new macOS, Sierra, and by moving data that is rarely needed to the (i)Cloud. On the other hand, Microsoft views its Azure platform as powerful and stable enough to handle a massive application such as LinkedIn—even if moving it from its previous private cloud will be a long-term project. As an information logistics provider for companies, Retarus and its global delivery network also relies on the cloud as the delivery model for its managed services—totally trending along with all the others.

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