Payment Processing is Supported by Retarus

Payment Processing is Supported by Retarus

Life in the B2B world is fast-paced; we know it. A successful company needs to be organized and efficient in its payment processing workflows— along with the latest payment options— to keep up with day-to-day operations, keep customers loyal, and stay on top of payments. Third party payment processing companies send out vendor invoices and accept various payment types helping businesses save time and money, and improve cash flows.

Companies get more sophisticated as payment workflows change, and methods of payments expand. Now customers can text in their payment requests, submit payments over secured portals, and even fax invoices through email. Those companies that provide reliable options improve efficiency, strengthen their client relationships, and even reduce submission times related to bill payments. Central to this process is providing the communication layer that can seamlessly integrate into applications, offers a variety of messaging modalities, and provide the highest levels of reliability and security. Companies like Retarus offer a Fax, SMS and E-mail communication platform that enables real-time analysis and tracking.

With a simple API, Retarus integrates with most legacy back-office systems. These services allow companies to send messages reliably and directly via all commonly employed ERP, CRM, legacy or host applications via the Retarus Cloud services. Payment processing firms also require a messaging vendor who is both trustworthy and certified. Retarus’ high standards, such as ISAE3402, PCI- DSS, and HIPAA compliance delivers a great match for innovative and compliant payment processors who want to serve the merchant or business owner better.

In the simplest terms, a payment processor is a means where a company handles transactions between two parties, such as a merchant and a customer. When accomplished flawlessly, this third party, ensure invoices and payments are received on a timely basis. As commerce and touchpoints, expand across channels payment processors and transactional Cloud Services from Retarus will improve business relations.

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