Porsche Works Council, We’ve Already Got the Solution!

Porsche Works Council, We’ve Already Got the Solution!

The works council at Porsche would like to have their staff shielded from work emails during their leisure time, in order to prevent burnout. Retarus has got the perfect solution for them.

The head of Porsche’s works council, Uwe Hück; would like to introduce new email guidelines out of concern for burnout amongst the company’s workers, reports the German Press Agency (dpa). To reduce work strain the email accounts of the employees should be blocked in the period between 7 pm and 6 am, as well as on weekends and during vacation times, Hück is quoted as saying in Stuttgart: “Reading and answering emails from the boss in the evening or at night represents unpaid working time which increases stress – that’s just not on.”

If it were up to Hück, emails outside of working hours would be bounced back to the sender and deleted from the inboxes of recipients or simply not be shown. This rule is only intended to apply to tariff workers – managers will not be included, he goes on to say. With such an arrangement, Porsche would certainly be going one step further than other automotive players. VW indeed blocks mail accounts overnight according the dpa, but in the morning the mails which have arrived become available to read. Daimler, on the other hand, offers its employees the option of having their emails deleted automatically while they are on holiday.

Retarus E-Mail Security already offers the “Quiet Time” function as an optional service for its Essential Protection package. Quiet Time allows you to define periods during which employees don’t receive external emails, for example outside of working times and on weekends. It also enables you to define periods during which emails are not delivered to inboxes, so that email servers can undergo maintenance without any inconvenience.

Quiet Time offers the following options:

  • Configure email-free periods (external emails)
  • Individual settings for different user profiles
  • Secure temporary storage of the emails in Retarus‘ data centers
  • Automatic delivery of emails after defined periods end
  • Bypass function for high-priority emails
  • Emergency button for immediate delivery of emails during email-free periods

But now we would first like to wish you a restful and relaxing holiday season, a Merry Christmas and a great start to the New Year. And to get you into the Christmas spirit, we would like to carry you away to Retarus’ Winter Wonderland.

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