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Fax Service, Not Fax Server. Make the Switch Now!

Fax server at its limit. Service contracts that cost a lot and offer little. Terminated or discontinued manufacturer support. Server downtimes that put your business processes at risk. Problems with under or over utilization of capacity and peak loads. IP conversion requires investments in new hardware. There are many reasons why switching from a fax server to fax service makes sense. Make the switch now! It’s definitely worth it.

Cost and savings potential each year

Cost and savings potential over five years

Comparative calculation of a Retarus customer with 10,000 multifunction devices and 500 fax pages per device and month.

Replace a fax infrastructure you manage yourself with innovative cloud fax services. It’s what analysts have been recommending for years. And Retarus is making it possible for companies worldwide. The result: increased productivity, lower costs. From the very start, and up to 80% over the long-term.

Retarus Fax Services – Advantages at a Glance

Excellent transmission rate

Lower the failure rate of fax transmission by up to 10%. Retarus' never busy technology ensures that multiple fax jobs are never sent to one recipient simultaneously, meaning they can't block each other from being received and you don't need as many resources for manual refaxing.

Intelligent routing

Achieve up to 30% more throughput. Retarus carrier management automatically uses the carrier whose line quality and availability best matches your fax job.


Scalable and flexible

Prevent over and under utilization of capacity. With the Retarus Global Delivery Network you can send 1,000 faxes today and 1,000,000 tomorrow.

Highly available and global

Rely on global availability of reliable transmission. The Retarus Global Delivery Network has its own data centers in Europe, Asia, and the USA, offering maximum international availability. 24/7.

OCR and barcode recognition

Seamlessly integrate faxing into your workflow. For example, pre-sort, forward, save, or automatically process incoming orders using defined parameters.

Perfect integration

SAP and ERP, CRM systems, Office 365 or G Suite. Retarus Fax Services can be integrated in almost any application, via standard interfaces and API. And it's so easy for your employees to send and receive faxes with their email client or a multifunction device.

Monitoring and analysis

Monitor the success of your fax transmission and ensure the quality of your data easily with dashboards in the web-based Retarus administration portal. In real time and over longer periods of time.

Completely transparent costs

Reduce your process costs. The Retarus pay-per-use billing model uses fixed page pricing, regardless of the duration of transmission. No additional costs for servers, maintenance, or negotiations with carriers. We bill according to client or cost center upon request.

Security and compliance

Rely on Retarus' global data centers. They meet all requirements for data protection and data security so that you comply with requirements applicable to data security and data protection at all times. Anywhere in the world. For example, GDPR, PCI DSS or HIPAA.

PGP and X.509 encryption

Protect yourself in the best way possible when transmitting fax messages. We don't just transmit your faxes with encryption to the Retarus infrastructure. We can also encrypt and sign each individual incoming and outgoing fax for you.

Long-term archiving

Comply with legal requirements. Retarus' long-term archiving helps you comply with the most stringent data security and integrity requirements.

Enterprise-level SLAs

Choose a service level agreement that meets your needs in terms of quality and response time. It doesn't matter if you are an international enterprise, a sophisticated mid-sized company, or a startup.

Telephone number service

Receive fax documents anywhere. Retarus provides you with your own incoming fax numbers on any continent and ports your existing telephone numbers.

Service and support

Experience first-class support. The Retarus Support Team is here to answer your questions and help you find the right solution for your needs. Anywhere in the world.

Fax Server vs. Fax Services

Who wins?

On-Premise Fax Server

Retarus Cloud Fax Services

Capital Investment

Ongoing investment in server hardware and software necessary. Including: hardware refreshes, software updates, telecom investments, disaster recover / failover implementations, capacity to scale No additional investment. Business continuity ensured with multiple in-region data centers (US, EU, APAC). No hardware, software needed. No telecom investment needed

Data security

Depends on the company’s implementation of data protection policies Comprehensive data security including technical and administrative control mechanisms to protect customer data and meet regulatory requirements

Reliability Security

Investment in availability and disaster recovery management is required No additional investment; maximum availability and disaster recovery management are included in the service

Quality Management

IP environments are difficult to manage, resulting in partial deliveries, lower quality resolution, and lower throughput, among other challenges Services are optimized with proprietary delivery technology to ensure highest delivery quality and delivery rates in the industry


Limited to the existing hardware and telecommunication connectivity On-demand capacity covers peak-load periods and growth


To safeguard error-free operations permanent monitoring, internal support and administration are required. 24/7 support; permanent monitoring of all services

Total Cost of Ownership

High – CAPEX, maintenance, telecom, personnel, compliance/data security processes, administration, certifications, and more Significantly lower costs compared to standard infrastructure deployment

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