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Fax service, not fax server. Switch to a cloud based fax server now!

There are many reasons why looking for an innovative fax solution makes sense: Fax server at its limit or service contracts that cost a lot and offer little. Discontinued manufacturer support or server downtime that puts your business processes at risk. Problems with peak loads or IP conversion requiring investments in new hardware. The list is endless. Make the switch now – replace your fax server and experience hassle-free faxing with Retarus Cloud Fax Services!

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Cost and savings potential each year

Cost and savings potential over five years

Comparative calculation of a Retarus customer with 10,000 multifunction devices and 500 fax pages per device and month.

Replace the fax server infrastructure you manage yourself with innovative cloud fax services. It’s what analysts have been recommending for years. And Retarus is making it possible for companies worldwide. The result: increased productivity, lower costs. From the very start, and up to 80% over the long-term.

Retarus Fax Services – Advantages at a Glance

Excellent transmission rate

Reduce your fax transmission failure rate by up to 10% and reduce the administrative costs involved in manually processing your faxes. Retarus' NeverBusy Technology ensures that multiple faxes are never sent to the same recipient simultaneously. Thanks to this technology, even high volumes of incoming faxes are delivered immediately—no busy lines or capacity bottlenecks.

Intelligent routing

Achieve up to 30% more throughput with our cloud fax solutions. Active Carrier Management in the Retarus Global Delivery Network automatically uses the lines and carriers whose line quality and availability best match your fax job.


Scalable and flexible

Eliminate over- and under-utilization of capacity with our online fax services. Regardless of whether you send 1,000 faxes today and one million tomorrow—the Retarus Global Delivery Network provides you with the exact bandwidth you need at any given point in time without a single fax machine in your office.

Highly available and global

Rely on reliable transmission worldwide. The Retarus Global Delivery Network offers high availability and high capacity, with its own data centers in Europe, Asia, and the USA, providing maximum availability and delivery reliability. 24/7.

OCR and barcode recognition

Seamlessly integrate faxes in your workflows. Read out information or barcodes from incoming documents with the Retarus OCR and barcode recognition feature and then use customized smart routing options to presort, forward, store, or process the documents automatically according to your rules.

Perfect integration

Whether you use SAP or ERP, a CRM or legacy system, Office 365 or GSuite. Thanks to open standards, Retarus Fax Services can be connected to almost any business or cloud application. For example, with RESTful-API web service or via standard interfaces and protocols such as SMTP, SFTP and HTTPS.

Monitoring and analysis

Check the status of your fax communications at any time using dashboards and detailed reports in the web-based Retarus Enterprise Administration Services Portal. In real time or in user-defined periods. For both outgoing and incoming faxes.

Completely transparent costs

Reduce your investment and process costs. Retarus lets you massively reduce or completely eliminate costs for telephone and fax infrastructures, fax servers, software, updates, administration, and maintenance. Retarus billing models (flat rate or pay-per-use) use fixed batch and page pricing, regardless of the duration of transmission.

Security and compliance

Rely on maximum security. The Retarus Global Delivery Network, with its global data centers, fulfills the most stringent country and industry-specific requirements for data protection and data security. For example, the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), GDPR, PCI DSS or HIPAA.

PGP and X.509 encryption

Ensure highly secure fax communications. Connection to the Retarus Global Delivery Network is exclusively via encrypted connections (SSL, TLS, VPN). Retarus will also sign and encrypt incoming fax documents for you upon request—depending on the file type per AES 256-bit, PGP, or X.509.

Long-term archiving

Ensure full compliance with industry-specific or statutory regulations. Retarus' long-term archiving helps your fax communications comply with the most stringent data security and integrity requirements.

Enterprise-level SLAs

It doesn't matter if you are an international enterprise, a mid-sized company, or a startup. Choose the service level agreement that best meets your needs in terms of quality, support, and response time. We offer customized SLAs to guarantee special requirements, for example, the exclusive processing of your data in a special Retarus data center.

Telephone number service

Receive faxes anywhere in the world with local numbers. As a global fax provider, Retarus provides service and call numbers on all continents that can be managed and assigned easily in the EAS Portal. It is also possible to port existing incoming fax numbers at any time.

Service and support

Experience first-class support built on our expertise. The Retarus Service and Support Team is here to help you solve problems, answer your questions, or help you find the right solution for your needs. Anywhere in the world. You can even be assigned a personal service manager upon request.

Fax Server vs. Fax Services

Why fax server replacement is the strategy to choose!

On-Premises Fax Server

Retarus Cloud Fax Services

Capital Investment

Ongoing investment in fax machines, server hardware and software necessary. Including: hardware refreshes, software updates, telecom investments, disaster recover / failover implementations, capacity to scale No additional investment. Business continuity ensured with multiple in-region data centers (US, EU, APAC). With Retarus Cloud Fax Services, no hardware or software needed. No telecom investment needed

Data security

Depends on the company’s implementation of data protection policies Comprehensive data security including technical and administrative control mechanisms to protect customer data and meet regulatory requirements

Reliability Security

Investment in availability and disaster recovery management is required No additional investment; maximum availability and disaster recovery management are included in the service

Quality Management

IP environments are difficult to manage, resulting in partial deliveries, lower quality resolution, and lower throughput, among other challenges Services are optimized with proprietary delivery technology to ensure highest delivery quality and delivery rates in the industry


Limited to the existing hardware and telecommunication connectivity Send and receive faxes as your business needs it. On-demand capacity covers peak-load periods and growth


To safeguard error-free operations permanent monitoring, internal support and administration are required. 24/7 support; permanent monitoring of all online fax services

Total Cost of Ownership

High – CAPEX, maintenance, telecom, personnel, compliance/data security processes, administration, certifications, and more Cloud based fax servers cause significantly lower costs compared to standard infrastructure deployment

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