Changing domains without infrastructure modifications: Automated rewriting of email sender addresses

Changing domains without infrastructure modifications: Automated rewriting of email sender addresses

Your company’s domain is its public face and the ultimate nameplate. It represents the business or its brands to the outside world thousands of times a day, for instance as the ending appended to each and every one of the company’s email addresses.

From spin-offs to rebranding: Uniform email communication with partners

Consequently, it’s essential for companies to always present themselves in a highly professional manner when communicating with customers and partners, using the correct company name in their messages. This is equally true for marketing purposes as it is for legal reasons. Yet in today’s fast-paced business environment, achieving this can indeed become a challenge for the responsible IT managers. No matter if they’re supporting companies involved in spinning off subsidiaries, integrating newly acquired organizations, managing mergers or carve-outs, or simply rebranding – in the best case all employees should be “flying the new flag” from day one.

Rewriting sender addresses, already at gateway level

This is where Retarus comes into play with its innovative Predelivery Logic service, which makes it possible to analyze and automatically process emails according to customized rule sets directly within the Retarus Enterprise Cloud infrastructure. The service can equally be used for incoming messages or – as in the case outlined above – for the outbound channel when messages are sent out via the Retarus Secure Email Platform. Stepping in at such an early stage, already at the level of the Secure Email Gateway, offers maximum flexibility for message flows, which simply can’t be matched by rule sets (e.g. using policy engines) applied locally on the server side or to individual email accounts. In addition, this approach allows every single email to be monitored individually along the entire process chain (Retarus Email Live-Search Monitoring).

Two birds with one stone: Automated rewriting of Mail-From and Envelope-From

When it comes to rewriting the domain name, Retarus’ customers can make use of a rule called “Outbound Sender Rewrite”, which enables the fully automated rewriting of both the Envelope-From as well as the sender shown in the email client (Mail-From). This is where the unique nature of the service really comes into its own – cloud email providers are often unable to change the “Mail-From” sender as well.

Just like the rules set up in the Retarus Predelivery Logic service, administrators can   customize the rule sets to meet their own specific needs and, for instance, only have the addresses rewritten for specific departments or individual users. It’s also possible to combine these rules with other functions, such as the corresponding rewriting of inbound email recipient addresses, without any difficulty.

No need to modify your company’s own infrastructure

All this works perfectly without having to modify the company’s actual email infrastructure – a critical point because in the scenarios described above that’s exactly where the trouble usually lies. The challenge may simply be a lack of time, the fact that organizational structures have not yet been aligned following a merger or because the domain change is only a temporary measure. And it’s also important to bear in mind that intrusive modifications are by nature highly complex, meaning that they are also extremely prone to error.

You can find out more about this use case and the many other solutions facilitated by Predelivery Logic as well as the comprehensive Retarus Secure Email Platform directly from your local Retarus expert.

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