Food logistics company IFCO uses Retarus Cloud Fax

Food logistics company IFCO uses Retarus Cloud Fax

IFCO, the international market leader in reusable packaging containers for fresh grocery products, now uses Retarus Cloud Fax for its ordering and billing processes. Suppliers using IFCO will also have the opportunity to place their orders for reusable packaging containers via the Retarus service.

In this way, IFCO is able to offer its sustainable food product logistics more efficiently while also fulfilling the requirements of its global customer base. IFCO is the world’s leading provider of reusable packaging solutions for fresh food products, annually shipping nearly two billion grocery products such as fruit, vegetables, meat, and eggs. The customers and partners of the company based in Pullach include many organizations using fax for communication and placing orders. Alternatively, IFCO also supports orders received via email as well as the company’s own proprietary online ordering system.

Prior to opting for Retarus’ cloud services, IFCO operated their own maintenance-intensive fax servers and machines. By outsourcing its fax operations to Telekom’s partner Retarus, IFCO can now offer customers a better service thanks to Retarus’ high availability. With its pay-per-use model, Retarus only charges for fax pages that are actually sent and received. What’s more, the administrators at IFCO have full control over the services they are using at all times by way of Retarus’ myEAS admin portal. Digitalization through Cloud Fax not only saves paper, but also facilitates significantly more efficient ordering processes for IFCO’s customers around the globe.

For more details, please take a look at our recent press release.


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