Modern SMS ensure customers and businesses stay connected without fail

Modern SMS ensure customers and businesses stay connected without fail

SMS aka text message notifications are already ubiquitous across many industries and verticals. Whether it’s internal communications or external customer notifications, all manner of business-critical and time-sensitive information is sent in millions of texts, every day.

Companies not only need modern and efficient communication channels, but need them to function with the utmost performance and speed. It is essential that the providers of these services provide maximum deliverability, reliability, and security. That’s why Retarus Enterprise SMS is used by some of the largest companies around the world. Read on for three real-world use cases for enterprise SMS.

SMS for Payment Reminders

Traditional payment reminders (such as those sent by mail) may have been adequate in the past, but the speed at which communication – and business – must take place demands a faster and more effective alternative. With the adoption of text messages throughout most industries, email has become more ineffective, labor-intensive, and costly. After all, when it comes to critical, time-sensitive communication, text messages are read much more reliably and sooner than email. However, existing SMS solutions currently in the market are lacking in delivery reliability, performance, and data privacy. Adding in specific reporting capabilities and the particular needs to specialized business cases, it quickly becomes evident that there is a high demand in the market for an enterprise level SMS solution that is reliable, fast, and secure. Without one, a company may thus find it difficult to maintain customer relationships, lose revenue due to missed payments, and be unable to leverage customer data to improve business operations.

Retarus Enterprise SMS enables companies to reach their customers effectively while substantially reducing costs, all thanks to fewer dunning processes. This enhanced and simplified communication with customers increases overall customer satisfaction and retention.

Sending text reminders for outstanding payments via SMS offers an attractive alternative to demanding payment by email or telephone. Customers receive a text message reminder. The information reaches recipients on their cell phones instantly, regardless of their current location. The SMS can also contain a link enabling customers to make the payment directly from their mobile devices, further optimizing customer payment behavior.

SMS for Two-Factor Authentication

Companies often provide two-factor authentication (2FA) to enhance the security of their systems and data. For example, online banking, social and commercial apps, and e-commerce websites may require customers to input a one-time password sent via text message, or perhaps a security token, in addition to their password, in order to log in to their accounts. Similarly, companies may require employees to use 2FA to access sensitive company data or networks. This added layer of security helps protect against phishing attacks, hacking attempts, and other forms of cyberthreats that rely on stolen or weak passwords.

Existing SMS solutions are limited in terms of delivery reliability and performance, often causing delays and frustration during login processes. And delays in SMS delivery are a driver of negative employee and customer experiences. Companies have requirements for global use of SMS to enable 2FA, but unfortunately, many of the current options come at high costs and have low international transmission performance.

Retarus Enterprise SMS enables a global bank to improve its customer experience and operating efficiency through two-factor authentication via email and SMS for signing contracts electronically, ensuring a more secure and efficient process. This solution was integrated into HR department workflows based on Lotus Notes to further streamline operations.

SMS for Booking Confirmations and Customer Notifications

Disruption of appointments due to missing or delayed emails and SMS reminders cause operational problems. What’s worse, people forgetting about their appointments can cause high costs. SMS are extremely practical because text messages tend to be read immediately, especially when compared to emails. This goes for ad hoc notifications and messages alike. Consider the former when regarding airlines.

Managing booking confirmations and passenger check-ins can be a challenge if emails and text messages get lost. This challenge grows exponentially when having to handle global travelers. When text messages, many of them critical, are sent in high volumes to locations around the world, a single delayed or missed SMS can ruin the customer experience and operational efficiency of a company. An undelivered or delayed text message about a changed booking can result in a missed flight, delays, and many other negative outcomes – the opposite of what an airline or traveler wants.

And present solutions on the market for message delivery, management, operation, and troubleshooting are expensive. They also often suffer from low performance due to limited capacity, further negatively impacting businesses.

Retarus provides critical enterprise-level SMS to a leading global airline, which uses Retarus to send real-time crew and flight notifications that ensure smooth and efficient operations. Thanks to Retarus’ SMS solution, the airline is able to handle cancellations fast and react accordingly through text notifications. If flights are cancelled or rescheduled at short notice, for instance, it is essential to notify crews of the change, rebook hotel rooms, and change orders for services and supplies such as catering and fuel. This is all handle through reliable, fast, and secure text messages directly to the recipients.


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