Leading by example: Communicating successfully with staff during the crisis

Leading by example: Communicating successfully with staff during the crisis

During the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Retarus WebExpress has really had a chance to show how powerful a tool it is for internal communication with employees.

Its strengths have proven invaluable, for instance, in the case of a tier 1 supplier to the automobile industry based in Stuttgart, which is currently getting set to restart its production around the globe. To let every single employee know who needs to get back to work when and where, and for which shift, the company is sending SMS messages to staff containing the latest shift plans. SMS was chosen specifically because blue-collar workers don’t necessarily all have company smartphones with apps for email or internal corporate communication.

So it’s great to know that Retarus WebExpress is able to assist in such cases by sending out messages to a multi-channel distribution list. Where an email address has been stored, an email will be sent. If only a mobile number is listed, an SMS will be sent. In the same way, even fax would be possible.

For the automotive supplier in question, the transmission of the messages is carried out by its support team in India. The required text and distribution list simply have to be forwarded there and everything else is then taken care of by the support colleagues. Since the Stuttgart-based company recently publicized this option on the company intranet, more than 23,000 short messages have already been transmitted via Retarus.

And, talking about support, if your company doesn’t have an internal support organization that can handle centralized transmission of your messages, Retarus WebExpress even offers a “Full Service” option – our dedicated broadcast team takes over all transmission tasks. All you need to do, is provide us with your required content and recipient details.


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