New Functions in WebConnect for Suppliers 2.3

New Functions in WebConnect for Suppliers 2.3

Retarus WebConnect for Suppliers is constantly being developed further, enhanced and refined. Version 2.3 has been available since September 2023, now including article attributes and an expanded order overview. A key factor in the development of the new functions was the feedback received from our customers.

Article attributes for order confirmations

Using the new article attributes for order confirmations, the processing of orders can now be made even smoother and more efficient. Customers can also use the attributes function to convey additional information about the individual items conveniently along with the order confirmations, for instance sell-by dates, version numbers or batch numbers.

Customers are given the opportunity to define their own attributes, and to make the providing of specific attributes mandatory. What’s more, suppliers can be granted the chance to provide additional attributes, such as date, text, number or time. Should this function not be required, it can also be deactivated completely.

Order overview

The new order overview in WebConnect for Suppliers Version 2.3 makes managing orders easier than ever before. Users now have full control over all orders they have placed via WebConnect. An icon in the top right corner leads directly to the overview.

The overview uses tabs to provide discrete lists for open, overdue, rejected, accepted or all orders. One can also call up the details of each of the orders listed directly from the respective table.

On top of this, it’s also possible to forward orders included in the overview to as many recipients as you like, allowing you to optimize communication and coordination within business processes.

The new functions can already be put to the test in a live demo. Find out more about WebConnect for Suppliers from our website or directly from your local Retarus representative.


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