Now try out Email for Applications free of charge

Now try out Email for Applications free of charge

All those interested now have the opportunity to try out Retarus Email for Applications, our high-performance API for email transmission, by way of a free trial.

Such a trial period first and foremost provides the practical opportunity for the user to simply connect their chosen application via the standard REST/JSON or SMTP interfaces, and put the service through its paces to test how it works in practice.

Please bear in mind that we unfortunately need to place some functional restrictions on Email for Applications for the duration of the trial period. This includes the following limitations:

  • The use is restricted to 30 days and a maximum of 5000 emails
  • No more than 200 emails will be processed each hour
  • The transmission takes place via a Retarus sub-domain (SPF and DKIM are set up)
  • Push notification and NDRs are not available when using the SMTP interface
  • Load testing is not included in the test agreement

Have we sparked your interest? Then go ahead and apply without delay on our website for your trial account for Retarus Email for Applications.


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