So that your emails really hit the mark

So that your emails really hit the mark

As online business continues to grow impressively, systems at the companies involved are generating ever more order confirmations, shipping details, and invoices – in short, there is a substantial increase in transactional emails. However, the proliferation of such emails can have a negative impact on the sender reputation of the company sending them. Our Email Deliverability Guide shows how this can be prevented.

The how-to manual defines the most important terminology for email transmission, sheds some light on the reasons for spam classification and explains procedures such as DKIM and SPF. The 12-page document also contains a crystal-clear guide on how companies can boost the delivery rates of their emails, as well as providing tips for the ideal email design.

The Retarus Email Deliverability Guide is now available as a free download. For further details please see our current press release.


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