What does ordering a Cheese Sandwich have to do with fax APIs?

What does ordering a Cheese Sandwich have to do with fax APIs?

One does not often consider the behind-the-scenes IT processes taking place to order a taxi ride on a crowded street from your smartphone. What about considering what exactly is required on your tablet or desktop computer to order food from your favorite restaurant. Finally, how about the steps for checking on the availability of a product you ordered in a store or online. How can something like a fax API streamline companies’ processes to make transactions seamless and simple for everyone involved?

Welcome to the API Economy

There are many behind-the-scenes activities that power the existing digital economy. APIs have helped organizations reinvent the way they do business. They provide a more efficient way of building new services. They’re creating markets and closer ties with partners and customers. API calls populate, pull and poll data into and out of various databases. These protocols have many functions, but are aligned to quickly share information instantly with customers, suppliers and partners. Modern companies couple the power of APIs from multiple providers to power features and functions like ordering food, payment processing, authentication, maps and much more.

Manual processes can be reinvented with our fax API

Even something as antiquated as faxing can be revolutionized through fax APIs. At some point in standard business processes, faxes are being sent to a restaurant, a hotel and or a vendor through numerous API calls. When you order a chicken sandwich from the local diner online or reserve a hotel room on your tablet, invariably the process ends in an API driven fax confirmation to the diner or hotel. Regardless if you are Honda or a flower wholesaler like Fleurop/Interflora, just think about what manual processes your organization can reinvent today.

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