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We provide the communication layer for your “Industry 4.0”

To mark the opening of this year’s Hannover Messe Industrie (Hanover Industry Trade Fair) the digital sector association Bitkom has presented the outcomes of a new study on the topic of “Industry 4.0”. According to the header of the attendant press release, 24 percent of the machines and facilities at German companies are already “smart”. On closer inspection, however,...

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Centralized Procurement — Autonomy or Savings?

State agencies, public higher education institutions, and other government entities purchase billions of dollars of IT services using a centralized procurement function. Like any solution, there are essential advantages while the disadvantages are few. Key to those are changes to the single entity buying for many organizations.

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Cloud Industry

Drug Stores, Pharmacies and Distributed SMS

While consumer expectations are rising, digital tools classically used in consumer-facing industries will now need to be applied more liberally to a healthcare setting to determine what, why and how services are delivered. Drug stores send SMS reminders right to a mobile device when scripts are due to be refilled, or a new script from a doctor is required.

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