Retarus and Lexmark: Global and secure faxing with MFPs

Retarus and Lexmark: Global and secure faxing with MFPs

Worldwide cooperation

Increasing demand for digital faxing with MFPs as a result of “Faxploit” and All-IP

The global information logistics provider Retarus and Lexmark, a global imaging solutions leader, have agreed to take their cooperation to a global level: digital fax solutions for multifunctional printers (MFPs) from Lexmark and Retarus are now available worldwide, allowing companies to benefit from high delivery quality, increased data security and seamless reporting in All-IP networks. In addition, Lexmark MFPs can digitize fax communications even more easily.

Enhanced security for faxing with MFPs

One important advantage of Lexmark’s and Retarus’ global cooperation is the complete security portfolio provided by Retarus fax solutions for Lexmark MFPs. Particularly in times of security threats like “faxploit”, this partnership allows for reliable and secure fax communication: MFPs connected to Retarus’ fax infrastructure will no longer require a fax card or an analog line. In addition, the Retarus solution generates the headers itself when faxes are received. Potential software-based fax attacks (e.g. via so-called hidden “payload”) are thus prevented before they can happen.

For further information please check out our Lexmark partner page as well as the related press release from our archives.

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