Corporate Design: Uniform mailing campaigns thanks to messaging platforms

Web-based messaging platforms can significantly simplify work by enabling staff members of all departments to send campaigns and newsletters directly via their browser, no matter where they are located. But the more users who are working with such a tool, the more inconsistency there is in the outcome. It becomes even more difficult to control the appearance of the messages if various messaging tools are employed. So how can a company ensure that messages sent to customers, suppliers, partners and employees conform to the current corporate design?

Retarus WebExpress offers several functions which make it easier for the user to design and create messages. Newsletters and mailing campaigns can be drawn up intuitively and reliably sent via the browser within two minutes, no matter whether by email, fax or SMS. This is crucial, as every minute counts when transmitting (time) critical information. Of course, the messages can also be prepared in advance and scheduled for a specific sending time.

Image library and templates for easier usability

In order to ensure a consistent application of visual assets in all campaigns, the WebExpress image library function offers users the opportunity to save commonly used images and graphics directly online within the platform. This way, staff can simply select images from the library – no matter where they happen to be working – without having to upload them again. A key benefit with regard to corporate design: all users have the same images (e.g. the latest company logo) available at all times.

Naturally, WebExpress also allows you to save complete message and personalization templates. Find out more about the wide range of benefits that Retarus WebExpress offers by clicking here or directly from your local Retarus contact person.

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